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Eternity Diamond Rings: 5 Interesting Things To Know Before You Get One

Eternity Diamond Rings: 5 Interesting Things To Know Before You Get One

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

A few things in life remain memorable, like your first love or when you held your little one for the first time. Getting a diamond eternity ring for the first time is yet another instance that every woman would want to remember for a lifetime. The ones who have worn it know that it is a classy ring that adds to their style and persona. And the ones who have yet to experience this ring are in for a pleasant surprise.

In terms of the design, it features diamonds strewn around the band for a glowing sparkle, which makes it apt for an engagement ceremony or even as an anniversary gift. The ring consists of a row of circular diamonds that run to the edges right from the ring’s center.

It is rare to find any other diamond ring with this pattern. There are a few rings with gemstones right at the centers. But eternity rings have stones arranged around them, making a complete circle.

Eternity rings have become a popular jewelry trend, with leading celebrities like Blake Lively and Jessica Biel sporting them. Have you been planning to get one for yourself? Or are you keen to know what’s so special about this ring?

If you resonate with one or both of the questions, read this article. Here we will delve into a few interesting aspects of these rings that might encourage you to get one for yourself.

Rich Lineage and Interpretations

Can you guess how old eternity rings are? You will be surprised to know that the concept of these rings dates back 4,000 years. It was used by ancient Egyptians, who offered this ring as a token of eternal life and love.

A few early examples of this ring type comprised a metal circle set with stones placed atop the ring or spanned across the entire circumference. A few rings also had the design of a serpent eating its tail, which symbolized the cycle of birth and death termed ‘Ouroboros’. It also represented the concept of infinity.

Hence, if you want to choose this ring as a symbol of your love that is meant to be replenished over time, this ring is a good choice. Women who love to adorn a ring that represents their transformation and ongoing journey in life can choose this ring as well.

The Marilyn Monroe Connection

Women often choose jewelry that has a connection to their favorite stars or legendary icons! If you are planning to get an eternity ring, you can revel in the celebrity connection that it boasts.

History has it that screen sensation Marilyn Monroe decided to wear an eternity ring as a sign of her wedding and engagement ring when she married Joe DiMaggio, the baseball legend. It was in the same year that Ferrer and Audrey Hepburn tied the knot.

This ring is a platinum eternity band comprising 36 baguette-cut diamonds, which could easily generate a sales figure of $772,500 when it was put to auction in 1999, in New York at Christie’s.

Varied Designs to Choose From

Today, exclusive eternity rings are available in a wide range of designs, which you can choose based on your preferences and budget. Most of the rings are precision set, which means a machine is used for setting the diamonds to ensure a classy finish.

A few of the setting options comprise a bezel, prong, bar, channel, and grain.

However, the most popular one is the prong setting, which is also called the claw. This setting maximizes the angles from where the light can get to the stone, leading to a dazzling brilliance. For this ring, a popular diamond shape is the brilliant-cut, round stone that looks exquisite.

Leibish states that the leading jewelry retailers specializing in this ring type offer a vast collection that features natural-color diamonds that look stunning. The designs can be customized to your style, individuality, and budget preference, as well. The rings range from $7,415 to $20,170, allowing users to choose what is suitable for them.

Eternity Rings Inspired a Perfume

Calvin Klein, in 1987, a year after marrying Kelly Rector, bought an eternity ring for his partner. The ring was purchased, marking the estate sale of ‘The Jewels of the Duchess of Windsor’. According to existing records, this ring had the word ‘eternity’ inscribed on it, which Klein thought was very romantic.

This was the source of his inspiration to come up with one of the best perfumes to date, named ‘Eternity’, which was released in 1988.

Even Elizabeth Taylor Chose This Ring

Elizabeth Taylor was popular for her choice of classy and exclusive jewels. Hence, when she decided to marry fellow actor Richard Burton, she wasn’t keen on having a plain band around her finger. Burton had chosen a diamond eternity ring and then a band in a baguette-cut diamond later for her. Much later in 2011, when all the rings were sold as a part of Elizabeth Taylor’s collection at Christie’s, they garnered $1,022,500.

To sum up, the eternity diamond ring is a blend of rich history, exquisite design, and interesting anecdotal accounts that make it a coveted ring for many women. You can wear it for one year of your marriage to a decade as well. Today, several jewelry designers and retailers have come up with interesting options that help you choose the ring you like based on your style choice and budget capacity. There is something for everyone who wishes to adorn this ring!

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.