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Today Is The Day App Review 2024

Today Is The Day App Review 2024

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

Procrastination is an age-old tune – the infamous cycle of ‘Oh, I’ll do it later,’ ‘Let me check this notification first,’ ‘I’m too tired to do this now,’ and ‘Tomorrow will be perfect.’ The temporary relief from putting off tasks until the last minute may be comforting, but the consequences are anything but.

However, for many people, breaking free from this cycle seems almost impossible. If this sounds like you, platforms like the Today Is The Day app might be just what you need to conquer this productivity problem.

In this article, we dive into an extensive review of the Today Is The Day app: an innovative solution designed to guide users on their journey to stop procrastinating and embrace a more productive lifestyle

What is Today Is The Day app?

Today Is The Day is a web application designed to empower users to overcome procrastination and lead highly productive lives. It utilizes scientifically-backed CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) exercises that tackle procrastination at its core, rather than offering a superficial solution.

This app is an excellent match for anyone seeking a long-term guide on how to stop procrastinating and conquer the anxiety associated with procrastination. 

Pros & Cons of Today Is The Day App


  • Rooted in expert Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles, ensuring highly effective results.
  • Offers a range of tools, including mental exercise worksheets and journaling prompts, to boost productivity.
  • Accessible through a Progressive Web App, making it available on any device with an internet connection.
  • Engaging step-by-step programs designed to rewire thinking patterns and drive positive change.
  • Provides practical tips and techniques for establishing productivity-boosting habits.
  • Offers flexible subscription plans tailored to various budgets and needs.
  • 24/7 customer support is readily available to assist users in maximizing the app’s benefits.


  • Results are contingent on active user participation, which may not suit those with busy schedules.
  • The setup process may seem unconventional to some users.
  • Lacks video and audio content.

How Does Today Is The Day App Work?

Pro Tip:

Click the three dots located in the top right-hand corner of the home page, and select “Add to Home Screen” from the menu that appears. This will make the web app readily accessible on your phone.

Overview of Today Is The Day App Features

  • Personalized Anti-Procrastination Strategy:

The app identifies your procrastination style through a series of questions about your tendencies. It then generates a personalized strategy to help you overcome them.

  • Daily Planner:

Stay organized with this to-do list that allows you to plan your day and track your progress. It provides a daily summary of your tasks, complete with inspiring prompts to keep you motivated.

  • Videos and Motivational Content:

Access a wealth of videos and inspiring words to keep you motivated and on track. These resources reinforce the principles you’re learning and offer guidance on maximizing your potential.

  • Progress Tracker:

Monitor your progress with this feature, which tracks completed tasks and what’s left to be done. It’s designed to keep you motivated and energized to complete your tasks.

Today Is The Day App Reviews

Here’s what TITD users have to say about the app;

“I like that it only takes 5-10 minutes each day. I’m a mom and my kids tend to take up a lot of my time, but this way I can take the lessons on the go. I’m so much more productive.”

-Carla Inez.

“This hasn’t just been a plan but an experience. I no longer feel like I’m letting everyone down by putting off my studying to the last minute and my grades have really improved. Easily the best 30 bucks I’ve spent all year!”

-Patrick S. Hanson.

“I usually give up on things pretty easily, but this time I stuck with it. And I’m so glad I did! This plan helped me get promoted at work.”

– Julia E. Sanders.


Overcoming procrastination as a student, career individual, or business owner can usually take a lot of time and effort. But understanding why it occurs and how you can change the cognitive pattern causing you to procrastinate is a step in the right direction. 

This is exactly what the Today Is The Day app helps you achieve. By giving you the right knowledge and equipping you with guidance, procrastination can finally become a thing of the past with some effort and patience. Remember to be kind to yourself in the process.


  • Who should consider using the TITD app?

The app is for everyone. Students, business owners, parents, career professionals, athletes, CEOs, and anyone who struggles with procrastination and would love to live a more productive life.

  • How much does the TITD app cost?

It costs $29.99 for the one-month plan and $62.99 for the three-month plan.

  • Does TITD have a money-back guarantee?

Today Is The Day offers a risk-free guarantee that allows cancellation at any time without incurring the full program price. This ensures flexibility for users while prioritizing their satisfaction.

  • How to start using the TITD health app?

SBegin by clicking on the link and taking the test on their home page. This will help you gain insights into why you tend to procrastinate and provide guidance on the most effective course of action for your unique needs.

Today Is The Day App Compared with Other Mental Health Apps 

Today Is The day  Virtue Map  Freedom  Todoist
Type of application  Web application  Mobile application  Mobile application  Mobile application
Purpose  It uses cognitive behavioral therapy principles to help overcome procrastination. It helps procrastinators overcome their dreadful habits with daily tools and 

tactics combined with the coaches on the platform.

It helps you remain focused by blocking out notifications, websites, and apps. This helps users accurately manage their time by helping to organize tasks and schedule plans.
Features Personalized anti-procrastination strategy

Progress Tracker

Daily Planner

It offers productivity tools and mindfulness training  Offers distraction blocking, scheduling focused sessions, and tracking productivity. Provides task creation, due dates, project organization, labels, priority levels, collaboration features, and integrations with other apps.
Platform Compatibility  It is available on the web, hence, compatible with all devices. Virtue Map is available in Apple or Google stores as the “Virtue Map Productivity App” Freedom is available on all platforms – Mac, Windows, IOS, Android, Chromebook, and Linux. Todoist is available on the web, iOS, and Android. It is also compatible with the following browsers: Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Disclosure – this is collaborative post,