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5 Helpful Tips to Feel Amazing in the Clothes You Wear

5 Helpful Tips to Feel Amazing in the Clothes You Wear

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

Do you often become self-conscious when trying out a new outfit? Are there times when you feel unsure if your old favorites still look good on you? Confidence doesn’t always come easily, especially if it’s regarding how we feel about what we are wearing. Moreover, seeing our social media feeds full of seemingly perfect OOTDs and glam posts while we ourselves struggle with what to wear for the day can really bring down one’s morale at times.

Here are some tips on how to alleviate those worries and learn how to embrace your own uniqueness and personal style.

  1. Be familiar with your body type

It can be quite frustrating forcing yourself to fit into clothes that you think are amazing only to find out that they don’t actually suit your body shape. Confidence begins with the feeling that the clothes you’re wearing are the right fit for you. Hence, take the time to know what your body type is first and use that as a baseline when dressing yourself.

Common body shapes among women include the hourglass, the pear (triangle), the apple (inverted triangle), the rectangle, and the oval. Once you’ve determined your type, look up which kinds of clothing will likely accentuate your features best. This isn’t to restrict your choices but, rather, to redirect your attention toward pieces that can actually flatter your body shape. For example, hourglass figures tend to look good with form-fitting clothes while pear-shaped figures do well with pieces that highlight their upper body such as tops with eye-catching prints.

  1. Mix comfort with style

Stylish doesn’t always equal comfort. You might be wearing those trendy pants everyone has been raving about lately, but if the cut feels too restricting, then your discomfort will just show through your body language. That’s why you should always try to choose comfort first and learn to build your own style from there. You can get started by combining comfort staples such as leggings, sweatshirts, or T-shirts with your more trendy pieces, thus allowing you to enjoy comfort and style at the same time.

Focus on wearing clothes that make you feel good about yourself. To that end, try to get rid of pieces in your wardrobe that don’t spark the same joy anymore when you wear them. Instead, fill it up with clothes that make you feel excited to see yourself in. This energy can easily transfer to the way you carry yourself once you do put them on.

  1. Choose quality fabrics for your clothing

Clothes made with top-quality materials feel more sturdy, which can help boost your confidence as you wear them. The next time you shop for clothes, be particular with what fabric they’re made of. Take into consideration as well the benefits various fabric types can give you or how they can bring out a look you may want to emphasize.

For example, cotton and linen are both soft as well as breathable to wear, which can give you the comfort you need if you have an active lifestyle. Meanwhile, silk gives off a luxurious feel if what you’re after is an elegant, classy look. Let the quality of your clothing speak for itself. After all, you’re more likely to feel confident if the workmanship of your outfit already exudes style.

  1. Learn the art of mix-and-matching

Shaking things up a bit can turn an otherwise plain outfit into a new and exciting look. If you find yourself not feeling confident enough with your usual clothing combinations, try to mix and match items in your wardrobe and you might just discover one that suits you better. Doing this also gets your creative juices flowing as it gives you an avenue to reinvent your old looks.

An additional benefit to this is that you wouldn’t feel the need to keep buying new clothes just to revamp your look. Rather, you’re maximizing what you currently have and using the same pieces you’re already attached with, just with a twist. This can give you the self-satisfaction of coming up with something new by yourself, which can then make you feel more confident regarding the end result.

  1. Spruce up your overall look with the help of accessories

 Another way to make yourself shine in any outfit is to add accessories that bring out your personal style. For example, you can jazz up any simple look with the help of some statement jewelry, a chic hat, or a colorful scarf. Accessories help make each outfit you wear more suited to your tastes, thus allowing you more ways to express yourself.

The key to feeling amazing in any outfit is accepting the unique charm and style that you bring into it. Trends will come and go, but your own identity will always remain, so make sure you’re putting yourself first when choosing what to wear and how to style your look. Here’s to hoping you may seize the opportunity to feel unashamedly and confidently you.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.


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