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Vacations in the Emirates Can be Economical and Comfortable. Secrets of Economizing on Your Vacation

Vacations in the Emirates Can be Economical and Comfortable. Secrets of Economizing on Your Vacation

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

A vacation in the Emirates sounds like a dream. For many, it seems like an impossible dream. Luxury hotels, five-star restaurants, grandiose shopping malls, expensive car rentals… But how many people can afford these things? 

Believe it or not, there are actually plenty of things you can do in the UAE that are within a reasonable budget. Let’s take a look at several things you can do that will still allow you to have the vacation of a lifetime, but won’t break the bank.

Reasonable car rentals

The first thing that you will need to do on your vacation is get the right wheels. You can find an economy car rental Dubai without too much difficulty. They are all over the city, and you’ll actually find a wide range of vehicles from sedans to hatchbacks to fuel-efficient hybrids.

If you’re traveling with the family, you can even find reasonably-priced SUVs that will allow you to get around with all your stuff and avoid the really high cost of getting taxis everywhere.

The Dubai Fountain

One of the best things in Dubai is actually completely free. The Dubai Fountain, located right in the center of downtown Dubai, is a choreographed fountain system that displays amazing water shows every afternoon and evening. Being located at the center of a number of other amazing sights, including the Burj Khalifah, you are sure to get a visual presentation that you will never forget.

If you haven’t had family pictures taken in a while, this would be the perfect spot to strike a pose and create some memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. And the fountain is easy to reach with plenty of parking available for your rental car.

Dubai Global Village

Regardless of how much you’re able to buy, you should pay a visit to the Dubai Global Village. With shows, attractions, rides, and a wide array of food options, there is something for every member of the family. While you’re there, you can pay a visit to the “mini world” that encompasses mini replicas of many famous global landmarks, and includes a miniature golf course, rock climbing, and a whole range of other activities. And it is easily accessible in your rental car.

There are few other places where you’ll find so much packed into one place, so this is definitely worth a visit.

Dubai Marina

Don’t forget to drive up to the Dubai Marina in your rental car and stop for a walk on the beach, dinner, and possibly some water activities. The Marina will give you spectacular views of the water, the surrounding islands, and much of what the Emirates is all about.

While you might not be able to dine at the fanciest restaurants in the area, there are plenty of other options available. In addition to beach food, you can find cheap options for either fast food, or many of the ethnic cuisines that make up the rich demographics of the area. Whatever your taste is, you won’t be disappointed.

The National Aquarium

With convenient parking nearby for your rental car, the aquarium is definitely worth a visit. Being surrounded by marine life on all sides, you will get a true underwater experience. The aquarium houses over 140 different species, totaling thousands of different marine animals, including a number of rare ones. 

If you’re up for a true underwater adventure, give the aquarium a try. Be sure to warn the kids! Having a stingray glide right over you can be a frightening experience for some!

Make a budget and hit the road

It won’t be too hard to work out a budget for your Dubai trip. Many things there can actually be free or close to free if you plan right. Remember, everything that comes with a big price tag can actually come cheaper if you look hard enough. Car rentals, hotels, restaurants, and attractions are all available at different levels for different people, depending on their means. So head on up to the car rental place of your choice, grab yourself a hybrid, and head out to see the sights. You won’t regret it!

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.


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