My Week at a Glance #23

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It’s been ages since I have done a weekly round up post! So it is good to be back in the swing of it and writing down some memories!

I started the week still getting over a nasty tummy bug that wiped me out for a good 24hrs. However, I was symptom free so went off to a soft play with a friend. This was ace and they had the best slide for me to go on (and the gremlin). We went out for lunch after and it was lovely watching the gremlin enjoy her poached egg and beans.

It was a gorgeous day on Sunday so we went off to a National Trust place as a family. We went around the beautiful house and gardens but the gremlin was literally a gremlin at lunchtime and for the rest of the day. So naughty and difficult! I was really glad when it was bedtime I can tell you!! Hubby had spent a lot of time working with the Contiboard I was sent for a challenge and he worked really hard getting most of it completed.

Monday I was determined to keep busy as the gremlin was such a baglet on Sunday. I went back to the gym for the first time and survived and did boring chores like the shopping. We popped over a friends in the afternoon and it was lovely watching them play together and chatter; real little people now.

I worked as usual on Tuesday but it wasn’t a good day; I was very tired. Think the bug had really wiped me out and I was glad to come home and have Wednesday off. We went to the park in the sun and to gremlin-heaven; ¬†Toys r Us! I did have some fun getting her to leave though as she lay on the floor like it was her bed!! My Mum popped over after and we caught up and played with the gremlin. I had a fab pole session that evening; felt much more energised and could do some tricks including a shoulder mount.

Shoulder was very sore at work on Thursday! Work till the end of the week as usual!

Until next time!!!

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