Happy 2 Years Darling!

Happy 2 Years Darling!

I have a 2 year old. What the actual HECK? Today is her 2nd birthday. She was born in the pool at 12.36am and I can still remember it like it was yesterday.

She was dark haired, looked NOTHING like me. We had a good few people say she looked foreign; quite oriental looking in some pictures and she was so hairy. We called her our little monkey for a while.

How has this little bundle of squidge grown into such phenomenal little girl?

Her first little Dumbo outfit – no pink as we didn’t know she was a girl

All cold
Excuse my blue nails – had to come off in labour!!

The first six months were to toughest but this mark passed and I really felt like I was loving it. The first few months were a bit of a blur with tonnes of feeding, interrupted sleep and a lot of guesswork. We were weaning a bit, I was still breastfeeding but was managing. She wasn’t crawling yet but was happy to play on her mat and was sitting up.

0-6 months

The next 6 months saw us take her abroad on holiday to Turkey, rolling, crawling, teeth, the ceasing of breastfeeding and first steps. We had a little party at home for her with some family and friends for her 1st birthday.

turkey holiday
Family Shot in Turkey

Family Shot on the grem’s first birthday

Standing with Grandad on her first brithday

Where has the last 12 months gone? It has been the best time (despite all my silly blog posts). She started nursery, I went back to work and all was fine. We had the most illnesses in a 6 month period (all 3 of us) as the barrage of germs hit her little immune system. It has calmed down over the summer. Phew!
Her speech just exploded and I have been told she is quite advanced (I think this is a girl thing from what I have seen). We have full sentences now, full conversations and new words and phrases everyday. It is amazing.
She didn’t fully walk until she was 15 months old but like they say; you want it but you don’t want it as much more work. It did make things more fun going for little walks. 

We took a trip to the States to see family when she was 14 months and took her to New York City. We also had another holiday to Fuerteventura.
My little poser at 18 months
Gorgeous shot in the autumn at a local Arboretum – she wasn’t walking here
Chilling in our HUGE car in New Jersey

The gremlin and I were so ill but we took her to NYC

Daddy – daughter shot on our last holiday
You do drive us insane but we love you so much little girl. Life without you now is unthinkable. It is like you have always been here and what were we doing with all our time before? You are funny, stroppy, clever, a crap eater, so edible and fantastic company.
I cannot wait to see what the next 12 months will bring and I’m betting it will be anything but calm.
Happy 2nd Birthday little gremlin!!!

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