Silly Billyz Messy Eater Bib **REVIEW**

I have been a lot more laid back with Piglet and her eating and this results in a LOT more mess. She is a nightmare at keeping over-the-head bibs on and therefore gets very messy.… View Post

Choopie CityBucket **REVIEW**

AD- Although I love my changing bag(s) sometimes I don’t want to take it with me into town. It is pretty big and I must take a tonne of stuff I don’t need. I do often… View Post

Cuski Comforter – The Great Swandoodle **REVIEW**

AD – Muslins. For parents they can actually seem like the difference between life and death when you have babies or small children. They clean up sick and spills, they can be used as a… View Post

Citygrips **REVIEW**

Don’t you always think that buggy handles get a little bit grubby? The foam gets picked off and just general wear and tear overtime can leave them looking just not as good? Citygrips by Choopie maybe… View Post

Baby Nails **REVIEW**

Hands up. Who has cut their baby’s finger when trying to cut their nails? I did with Piglet when she was a DAY OLD. You always misjudge how long their nails are, they move at… View Post

Joie Nitro LX Stroller **REVIEW**

AD – A Lightweight stroller is just a must as your little babies get that little older. Hubby and I knew we would need a new one for Piglet as the gremlin’s was completely trashed.… View Post

Summer Infant – Panorama Digital Color Video Monitor **REVIEW**

I have always wanted a baby monitor with a video. A friend of mine has one and she always told me how useful it was to see what her little girl was up to in… View Post