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Cuski Comforter – The Great Swandoodle **REVIEW**

Cuski Comforter – The Great Swandoodle **REVIEW**

AD – Muslins. For parents they can actually seem like the difference between life and death when you have babies or small children. They clean up sick and spills, they can be used as a blanket, shelter from the sun, to clean your bathroom (well maybe) and even as entertainment in my baby girl’s case.  They are brilliant. I have never actually heard of giant muslin’s before until I was offered the chance to review one from Cuski. I jumped at the chance because you can never have enough muslins!


About Cuski

The company began by creating an award winning baby comforter that was gentle and soft and small enough for little hands to explore. This was the first Cuski.

As time has passed more products have been developed by the company; all for both the babies and parents, with their comfort and happiness in mind.

The Cuski Great Swandoodle

I was offered the Great Swandoodle (I love this name) and the Love a Duck pattern. My gremlin’s favourite toy is a duck as we had to choose this, as the same.

The Swandoodle currently retails at £24.99 and it is the largest multi-use bamboo muslin at 140cm by 140cm. It is made from 100% bamboo rayon and is really soft and breathable. It’s large but really light and easily folds, so you can pack in hand luggage or your changing bag.

Cuski website

It has a multitude of uses including a baby shawl, swaddle and blanket. It would be perfect for a journey as a light cover.

Our Verdict!

I loved the way it was packaged. I opened the box to be greeted by this:

Inside the box

I love getting surprised by a product I get in the post so this was a winner immediately.

It came in a little bag which would be perfect to use again and to transport the muslin out and about.

Cuski Great Swandoodle in the bag

The muslin really is massive! I lay it out on the floor for Piglet to roll about on and she loved it. It’s like a large blanket!

Great Swandoodle laid out

It filled most of my lounge floor and Piglet enjoyed eating some random toast she had found on the floor.

Little baby lying on the Cuski Great Swandoodle

It’s really soft and light as described and I love the bright and vibrant duck pattern all over it.

As Piglet is a little older now, she will probably use it as a blanket and cover and to lie and play on in our living room.

Baby lying on the Cuski Great Swandoodle

Baby crawling on the Cuski Great Swandoodle

Her elder sister came home from nursery, promptly stole it and sat under it and then took it to bed. I found her chilling on the sofa the next morning with it! So it definitely has it’s uses for your older children too.

Little girl with the Swandoodle on her head

It’s a really lovely product and would make a lovely gift, as has many uses. It can be really hard to know what to buy a new Mum!

Disclosure – we were provided with this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

cuski swandoodle review