Exercise and Weight Loss – The Facts

So now exercise isn’t going to help you lose weight. Brilliant. These were the headlines I woke up to a couple of weeks ago. Okay, it is true you can’t compensate for a horrendous diet… View Post

Don’t be Scared of Sugar

Sugar is getting a lot of flack at the moment. It’s evil. It’s poisonous and oh yes of course it WILL kill you (come to think of it I did choke a bit the last… View Post

I Miss Running

My driving instructor always said to me one day my body would pack in and I’d have to stop running. He used to see me chugging along one of the main roads where I live… View Post

Why I couldn’t let my daughter have chocolate for breakfast

I think I must have actually been the only one on Easter Sunday. The only Mummy who didn’t let her daughter eat chocolate Easter Eggs at breakfast time.Well, I can’t have been but it felt… View Post

The Benefits of Training with a Partner

It’s slightly sad time when a date with your husband is down at the gym with some weights, pads, boxing gloves and a rowing machine. However, this was where we found ourselves on Mother’s Day… View Post

My Top 5 Body Pump Fails

I lovvvve Body Pump and I have been going for a good few years (apart from when I hurt my knee and I did have a 2 year break!). For anyone who doesn’t know (and… View Post

Knee Arthroscopy for a Meniscal Tear – One Year On

Time flies…really it does. It is almost a year ago since I was nervously getting ready to go into hospital for my very first general anaesthetic for my very first operation; a knee arthroscopy for… View Post