A kick when I am at work, typing merrily away – I forgot about you.

A little wiggle in the middle of the night after I have got up for another wee – I forgot about you.

A flutter when I am watching Eastenders in those last few minutes of peace before bed – I forgot about you.

A giant movement when I am having that quick glass of icy drink in the kitchen – I forgot about you.

The insane punches and flickers that last for ages whilst I am blogging and it is all quiet – I forgot about you.

The little hello kick when I first wake up – I forgot about you.


I just forget I am pregnant sometimes!

Pregnancy second time around is completely different. It is never solely in the forefront of my mind, as it quite was with the gremlin.

I genuinely forget about the little piglet I am growing inside who wriggles so often. Sometimes I am so busy, I don’t even feel it.

So I am trying to sit and savour those wiggles, flutters, kicks, punches and full on body rolls.

I have 9 weeks to go and I’m sure they are going to fly!!!

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