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Piglet is 1 Month Old

Piglet is 1 Month Old

Today my gorgeous little Piglet is 1 month old. At 11.29am, exactly 1 month ago she entered the world through a relatively ok birth!

It really does feel like she has always been here; it is true what they say. Although I have definitely noticed the much less time I have, (blogging is squished into random moments or the days the gremlin is at nursery and it takes longer to get out of the house) things have kind of stayed the same.


We are still umming and erring to how Piglet looks. She has changed a lot since birth and we keep comparing her to the gremlin. She is much fairer, with blonde eyelashes and we think she is more like my brother as a a baby, The gremlin was shown a picture of my bro and identified him as Piglet! It’s the Piggy nose which the gremlin does not have. It will be interesting to see if she changes more as she gets older.

1 month old

So how is she doing generally?


Piglet is still exclusively breastfed apart from the odd bottle of expressed milk which she will take from anyone, which is fab.


She has no routine at all; some days goes for 2-3 hours with no feed and other days grazes a bit. This gets worse if she is tired and after comfort to help her fall asleep. We have had some evenings of cluster feeding but not as much as the gremlin by far. She is more of an efficient feeding than her sister was as does not go for as long. I need to get her weighed again but we were discharged from the midwife, as she re-gained her weight and she looks bigger!!



At night we cannot complain at all. The little beaut tends to go to sleep between 9-10.30pm and can sleep for up to 5 hours before she wakes for a feed. She will then wake again early morning for another and often go back to sleep. Ideally, she needs up to 12 hours sleep at night and we know she will sleep more in the day after a later night. I’m feeding her sitting up in bed for the first feed but if she wakes between 5-6am for another, I will lie down and often fall asleep too!! She used to fall asleep again in the morning, after being up for a little while alert. However, she has become more aware and does not like to be asleep alone. I’m finding she wants to be held, be in the buggy or in the car to snooze. We can only put her down if in a very deep sleep. This makes life very tricky if I have not got dressed and nap time is approaching!!

Her Temperament

She knows exactly what she wants! Piglet isn’t much of a crier but she sure can yell! If she gets going with screaming we know we have left her yelling for too long (oops). She is definitely a newborn who will shout if put down, is hungry and when she is tired the yelling just intensifies. She is mighty cross that she cannot get to sleep by herself. She also protests if we stop looking at her or talking to her; this is pretty funny. Like most of us, if she is fed, well rested and clean; she is a content little bean.

Life as a Family of 4 with a 1 month old

I’m loving having Piglet around. I never remember having the gremlin screaming and being handed to me and shutting up. Piglet on the other hand can settle immediately. I think this is due to me cuddling her more and bonding with her earlier after she was born. This is pretty lovely! Hubby also loves spending time with and gets lots of cuddling in the evening. It is hectic;  hubby and I have to tag team a lot with each child and the chores but it isn’t unmanageable. We have help and I find when I am solo parenting, getting dressed as early as possible and getting out as a three or seeing friends is the best thing. I’m writing a post on how the gremlin is getting on for tomorrow but she has been a bit harder work. One on one time; she is golden but when the attention is off her, she can be pretty difficult.


4 Weeks Post Partum for Me

How am I?

Good really. The tiredness has not been too bad, as Piglet does sleep for chunks which helps. The gremlin waking in the night too has been making it harder! I did have a little post baby SPD (I think) which has really gone off over the last week. It is harder being a Mum of 2, mainly a juggling act and having less time. I think in time if we don’t get our evenings back and I can’t get out to the gym, I may go a little insane! However at present, I’m enjoying the Piglet cuddles in the evening and cherishing the newborn stage. It is just so short!


I can’t believe how much I love my new little girl and will be back for another update at 2 months.


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  1. Tracey @ mummyshire
    October 27, 2016 / 1:50 pm

    Oh happy one month old birthday!!
    She’s so cute and it sounds like you’re getting to grips with two, and of course there will be wobbles but having a little bit of me time certainly helps.
    You’re looking great!