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Little Piglet – 9 Month Update

My littlest Piglet is 9 months old! She has been out officially as long as she has been in.

I haven’t written any updates since her 6 month update but I think larger gaps are better as she gets older.

How is she getting on?


She is a total piggy and so far pretty much eats everything! I’m loving this as it makes life very easy for us, as she eats what we do. I’m doing a mix of baby-led for some of her meals and feeding her for the others. I like this approach as she gets to do a lot herself but control freak Mummy knows she gets a good evening meal! She is a total fruit bat and adores her berries and yoghurt. I love watching her trying to eat peas one at a time too. This stage is awesome and I am totally making the most of it before the fussiness starts.

I’m still breastfeeding but only twice a day; once before bed and during the night or early morning, depending on when she wakes. Unlike her sister, she doesn’t take any milk in the afternoon or have any formula. I’m guessing I’ll switch straight to cow’s milk when she hits a year old or when she decides no more boob.


No real changes again. She is down before 7.30pm and tends to wake once but the time is so random and can range from 10.30pm to 5am (!) There is no pattern but she likes some more milk and I can put her back down awake, which makes life easy. Nap times are better too, as I can put her in the cot and she will self settle after a little crying and moaning. Nap duration is varying from 30 mins to almost 2 hours. She’s a funny little thing.


Well as 3 months have passed, we do have a few milestones! Two teeth have popped up and she did really well with it; bit cranky but slept and ate. Piglet is now crawling everywhere and this has made life fun for her little sister as she is into everything. She has also managed to pull herself up to standing a few times and is so loud and shouty! She can say Mama, Gaga and has said Dada (the usual shizzle). I can’t get over how quickly she has progressed. She has totally found her voice and if her sister annoys her or we delay food, she just shrieks. Piglet is really good at playing alone and keeping busy and this can be a big help to me running around like a loon getting stuff done. Overall, she is pretty content but we can definitely see the fiestiness coming.

She is also obsessed with my phone (!) Oops!!

Life as a Family of Four

We are all doing well but it has definitely got a tad harder with a moving, shrieking Piglet and a not listening gremlin!! We still have a good routine and hubby and I are a good team. As Piglet doesn’t need me in the day, the gremlin and I can have some one on one time now and then which helps her. She has become a bit more jealous now and then. We have had a few issues with her listening and she drives poor Piglet mad with her fussing and poking. I’m sure it’s normal and she will get there in time. We all had a fab holiday to Cyprus not long ago and it went really well, as our first with 2 kiddies.

How Am I Doing?

Good! Apart from a bit of a dodgy knee which is getting looked at next week, all is going well. I do feel now and then like I am about to tear my hair out/and or explode but it is manageable. I’m looking forward to a night off when Piglet stops breastfeeding but no rush yet. Work will be around October time and I have already had a keeping in touch day, which went well. Time is flying so I know it will be around so soon.

I can’t believe the next update will be Piglet turns one. I remember the gremlin turning one so vividly and I was pretty emotional about it.

See you for that!