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8 Reasons Why I Think Moana is so much better than Frozen

Moana Vs Frozen

Moana, I just love watching it and I’m so glad my eldest does too.It’s amazing film. The colours, the characters,  the story, the location! I just love it. Disney films. They have a certain magic to them and as a kid I was obsessed. My eldest has fallen in love with two Disney films in her lifetime; Frozen and Moana. Don’t get me wrong I have enjoyed watching both (maaaaany times) but which is the best? Moana vs Frozen?

Moana vs Frozen?

For me, Moana is a clear winner. For so many different reasons.

Moana is Better Than Frozen

I’m not normally one who writes about strong women and feminism either but I will have to in this post. I can’t avoid it! Am I jumping on a controversial wagon writing this or will some of you agree? Have you see Disney’s Frozen and Moana and if so, which is your favourite?

This is why I love Moana so much more and putting Frozen vs Moana? The latter would always win.

– The soundtrack to Moana is just awesome. If the gremlin is not around, I could quite comfortably put it on for some background music. Frozen? No way. Not at all. If I have to hear “Let it Go” one more time I will scream. I have to fight to keep the gremlin from listening to it all the time.

– Frozen is set in the cold. It’s snowing. It’s icy. Don’t get me wrong. Some people love a bit of cold when they go on their holidays but for me? It’s all about the sunshine, greenery and beautiful scenery. Moana has all of this. Beautiful Hawaii, blue seas and amazing plant life. I’m in holiday mode just watching it.

– Moana avoids some romantic story when the girl gets the guy. It’s common in Disney films. It’s not a huge theme in Frozen but ultimately Anna and Christophe get together at the end. This doesn’t happen in Moana, it’s not needed and I like this. The girl does not need to get the guy to have succeeded.

– A lot of thought has gone into Moana’s image and her heritage. She’s not a stick thin Princess. She’s a strong woman, very real and I do think this is brilliant for the children watching this.

– Moana’s character is amazing. She’s strong, clever and had a goal. She seeks out help but ultimately she achieves what she set out to do. I warm to Anna in Frozen, she’s funny but she is bit ditzy and goofy. As for Elsa, I’m not a fan. A little whiny, a little dramatic. She doesn’t float my boat.

– I love the relationship between Moana and Maui. She knows she needs his help and asks for it, similarly to Anna and Kristoff but Maui never has the upper hand. Moana proves herself time and time again and doesn’t take any mocking. Anna still needs to be guided by Christophe and he has to keep her safe when she gets a bit hot headed with the giant Snowman.

– I can use Moana to get my gremlin to aspire to be like her. She’s a 4 year old and of course she wants to be a pretty Princess, like many other young children BUT we can talk about Moana’s strength and determination, her brains. She is so much more. I do like the sisterly love theme throughout Frozen, it’s lovely but it’s just not as powerful as the story of Moana.

– Every where I go I don’t see Moana. I have Frozen plasters, a Frozen ride on for my baby girl, Frozen dolls and dresses. I’m surprised I don’t have a Frozen toilet cleaner. It has gone crazy and it’s everywhere. I’m glad Moana isn’t like this.

Moana vs Frozen? Frozen wins here

I know Frozen 2 is coming out soon and the hype will be insane but I’m keen to see it, just like my eldest. Will it be similar or will a whole new theme appear?

What do you think?

Would love to know!

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8 Reasons why I think Moana is better than frozen




  1. Sam
    October 13, 2017 / 9:04 am

    Totally agree that Moana is better. I’m always so pleased when my 3 year old picks it over frozen (she also loves both)

  2. Nige
    October 13, 2017 / 7:33 pm

    Moana is the choice here, I love the Rock in it totally brilliant. The always say your welcome if they do something and you say thank you. Fab post sarah xx

  3. October 14, 2017 / 11:21 am

    Moana is preferred in our house as well. It took us a while to watch it but once we did we were hooked! (Ha!) I agree with your points…. I know Frozen was groundbreaking in that it was about sisterly love but Moana is even more so! No love of a man needed there!

    But the REAL reason we love it… Dwayne Johnson. Full stop!

  4. Andrea
    July 25, 2020 / 9:10 pm

    Moana, hands down. I’m actually writing an essay on Ariel VS Moana, that’s how I found your post as well. I never liked Frozen, and my kids didn’t enjoy it too much, either. It’s sort of my fault as well, I never purchased the Frozen movie, but did the Moana. 🙂 Anyways, Moana is a normal sized, funny, strong, smart, confident character and I really appreciate that there is no love story included. Elsa is not a lovable character for me, and I agree, Anna can be a little too much on the silly side. Ariel, she’s interesting, she’s somewhat brave and strong and creative, on the other hand she’s a little helpless and somehow I don’t like the story line with my adult head.

    • RunJumpScrap
      August 9, 2020 / 8:35 am

      Ah I hope your essay went well!! Totally agree with your points 🙂