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Looking After Your Home in the Winter Months

I don’t know about you but after Christmas I get in the mood to start doing things in the house. I think after the crazy busy times over Christmas, it ends and you are a bit like what next?

Winter itself can bring some crazy weather, whether it be snow, freezing temperatures, rain or gale force winds. I often think that winter in the UK is so unpredictable that one year is never like the next.

January is the time when we choose our home insurance, which seems to fit perfectly with the time of year; the time you need to look after it the most and you never know what may happen. In my husband’s mind it is always best to be prepared.

There are other things we like to do around this time of year, or sometimes even earlier for the home and garden:

– Keeping on top of any damp. My husband is a nut when it comes to steam from the shower, kitchen or bath. We keep the doors shut and any condensation in quickly dried and cleaned away to avoid damp.

– Wrapping any vulnerable plants and bringing some into the garage. Some of the life in the garden will never survive the winter so always best to keep them warm.

– Checking the heating system is working and in good order. It is often worth checking if radiators need bleeding and getting someone in to check it properly if there is any doubt.

– Have a spring clean! After Christmas you often realise how much clutter and junk you have. I like to farm the girls off to the grandparents and have a good clean and bag up bits for the charity shop. My husband HATES this but it is so therapeutic.

– Think cosy. This is the time of year you did out the fairy lights, blankets and candles. We end up staying in even more and it’s perfect to snuggle down on the sofa and relax.

Although the weather can be rubbish and you do have to do some prep to keep an eye on your house, winter is a lovely month and I am one of those who really likes it!

What do you do over the winter months?