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Planet Mermaid Tails – REVIEW

Planet Mermaid Tails – REVIEW

AD – If you are a Little Mermaid lover (like me) Planet Mermaid is your idea of heaven! YouTube also has a lot to answer for! The gremlin does love to sit and watch videos and she became fixated with wanting a mermaid tail. Not just your ordinary mermaid tail but specifically one with “no hole”. I always assumed this meant one where you could not really walk in it!

This was her top present on her Christmas list and lets just say Santa (Mummy) screwed up! I picked one from Amazon and never checked and opened it. Christmas morning came and it had a hole in the bottom. I was really gutted and she was so gracious! I knew she was disappointed and I couldn’t believe I had messed this up for her. It was THE ONE thing she wanted. Initially I was going to buy her a better one but got stopped in my tracks.

Planet Mermaid contacted me and asked if I wanted to review one of the tails, I was over the moon and so was she!

More About Planet Mermaid

planet mermaid webpage

Planet Mermaid vow to make children’s (and now adult’s!) dreams come true. They design and create mermaids’ swimwear and accessories and my gremlin’s ultimate dream, 100% swimmable mermaid tails! They can be used at home, in the bath and even the swimming pools. The tails can be purchased with monofins, that help to improve swimming skills.

They stock a range of items including mermaid tails, mermaid blankets, slogan tees, scrunchies, bikini and crop tops and fins.

What Did We Pick from Planet Mermaid?

The gremlin was desperate for a purple surf mermaid tail, which at age 4-5 years for her retails at £33.99. You can see this on the image below. The price does vary depending on the size of the tail which will of course vary depending on age. The tail can be used in and out of water, is washable and made with a fade and chlorine resistant fabric.

planet mermaid tail

You can just leave it at that if you just want the tail but if you want to complete the mermaid effect, there are extras items to make it more special.

The gremlin added a monofin which is an additional £32. This is an insert for the fabric tail to gives it shape and helps with swimming.

planet mermaid monofin

Finally she chose a crop top to complete her look. This added £13 onto the total but has to be done to make her a fully fledged mermaid!

crop top

There are a variety of styles and colours of tails and matching crops, including red, pinks, blues and oranges.

What Did We Think?

Although I knew she probably wouldn’t swim with this immediately due to her abilities, we will be taking it to Crete for our summer holidays, so watch this Instagram space! My husband had firm expectations of what my gremlin would do when her tail came and he was spot on! She would just sit in it and wriggle all over the floor!

When the tail and accessories arrived she squealed with delight, she was so excited! I’d had 2-3 days of asking when it would be coming, since I placed the order.

planet mermaid label

girl holding monofin

She unwrapped the tail and immediately went to try it all out. She was pretty fascinated by the monofin and was trying to put that on her feet first.


There is a small slit at the bottom of the tail to slot the fin in. This was really straight forward and immediately this gave the tail some shape. My eldest then just had to wriggle into the tail and put on the crop top.

As you can see, she adores it!

girl in planet mermaid purple tail girl in purple mermaid purple tail

I’ve found it so funny watching her in it, as she literally shuffles along the floor on her bum and manages to climb up on the chair if she is having her food.

She even tries to wear it to bed!

girl in purple planet mermaid tail in bed

Overall Thoughts

My daughter loved this tail. It did literally make all her dreams come true, as she has been asking for one for ages! She finds it easy to slip on and off, comfortable and somehow (!) easy to move around in it!

Although we have not taken her swimming in this, we will be doing so in the summer for her holiday, where we are hoping she can have a go at swimming in it.

I was impressed with the tail quality and especially the monofin, which is sturdy and I can imagine it will be brilliant for sliding through the water, when having a swim in the tail.

I have to admit the tails are quite pricey, especially if you go all out but I guess it depends how much it will be used. You can just get the tail, without the fin if you little one is only going to be role playing. If you have a little fish, the monofin is worthwhile. After I bought a cheaper version on Amazon, I now realise why it was so cheap!! The quality of these tails are top notch.

Planet Mermaid is brilliant for bringing your little ones dreams to life and would make an awesome pre-holiday present!

Disclosure – I was provided with this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

planet mermaid tail review



  1. January 17, 2018 / 10:32 am

    Ahh! My youngest watches videos of these on YouTube too….When she’s not dreaming of being a unicorn she’s dreaming of being a mermaid. lol
    Your girl looks absolutely delighted with her tail….Her trying to wear it to bed is just adorable. #BloggersBest

  2. January 17, 2018 / 2:38 pm

    This is the cutest thing ever!!! She looks so delighted it with it hun, fingers crossed when you go to Crete she can be a proper mermaid in the water. Gorgeous girly. #BloggersBests

  3. January 17, 2018 / 6:54 pm

    Oh, I love all these mermaid tales. That’s awesome you can use this one in the water. I got a soft/blanket like one for my niece about a year ago and a shark version for my nephew, and they really enjoyed those. #bloggersbest

  4. January 18, 2018 / 6:32 am

    These are so adorable! I feel like my nieces will NEED these! #BloggersBest

  5. January 23, 2018 / 9:17 am

    BB goes on about a mermaid tail with no hole – I didn’t know what she meant but now I get it! #bloggersbest