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Roco Clothing – REVIEW

Roco Clothing – REVIEW

AD – Not only do I have one gorgeous girl prancing around in pretty dresses, I now have two. Little Piglet has been walking for a little while now and she looks completely adorable in dresses. I’m having the same problem with my eldest that I have been having since she started to take an interest in her clothes. She refuses to wear anything other than dresses, full stop. It’s snowing and she will pull the least practical item from her wardrobe! So when I was contacted by Roco Clothing to review some clothing, one browse at their website, I knew my eldest would be in heaven!!

Who Are Roco Clothing?

Roco supply an amazing selection of clothes for children for all occasions; weddings, parties, Christenings and Communions. They also stock shoes and hair accessories.  They have collections with some absolutely stunning designs.  You will be blown away with the choice and designs.  They offer free delivery to the UK.

What Did my Girls Choose?

The Gremlin

I knew my eldest would want a say in what she wanted and I was of course correct. Dress wise she picked this beautiful champagne and white flower girls dress. She was determined to have a “short” dress (yes already) and loved this choice. She chose this is age 4-5 and it retails at £29.99.

a 4 year old in an outfit from roco clothes

The dress is 100% polyester and does need to be dry-cleaned only. It has an amazing mesh underskirt and is easily zip-fastened. There is a lace overlay and an ivory ribbon sash.

Shoe wise, she was very keen to have some with a small heel. These ivory pearl shoes were perfect for her. At £16.99,  they have a satin upper and a rubber sole.  They have a t-bar design, with some lovely pearl embellishments. I did get a slightly bigger size for her, as know how fast her feet grow, so she does have a little extra room.


I then looked at some hair accessories for her and found the perfect ivory flower crown.

dark haired girl in a flower crown from roco clothes

This retails at £14.99 and is designed to have an over-size look. It has a sheer ribbon, is easily adjustable and just beautiful.

Little Piglet

I was dying to pick something beautiful for the youngest and I was not disappointed. I chose this beautiful dress from Sarah Louise, the pink Skylar dress and typically the smallest child gets the most expensive dress. It retails at £99.99 but is stunning.

an 18 month old in a dress from Roco clothing

I have taken this description from the website as is perfect and gives all the details, “The beautiful organza skirt is decorated with an intricate lace trim, with tulle and satin underskirts to create a full volume. The sleeveless bodice is designed with elegant hand embellishment across the neck and waistband with a central square bow for a touch of sweetness. The back zip fastening is disguised with decorative satin covered buttons for a luxurious finish.”

I chose 18-24 months for my littlest, so she also has a little room to grow.

For her dinky feet I chose these silver bridesmaids shoes. These retail at £15.99 and have easy velcro fastening, with a t-bar design. They have a flexible sole and are designed for comfort.


What Did We Think?

I think the pictures speak for themselves. My girls look absolutely stunning in Roco Clothing and I was thrilled with the items.

sisters wearing clothes from Roco clothes

The gremlin’s clothes and accessories I feel are really reasonably priced. If I had bought all these special items for a wedding, I would have been pleased. I love the detail and she looks just like a little fairy. She had no issues getting into the clothes and she was very comfortable. I adore the flower crown, as it just makes the outfit and we had no problems adjusting it for her.
The baby did whine a little when I dressed her, as her choice has layers underneath and is a little “puffy”. However, once she was dressed and settled, there were no issues. There is not getting around the fact her outfit is expensive at £99.99 but like everything, you get what you pay for. The dress is stunning and has real “wow” value. It would be perfect for a wedding or special occasion. The attention to detail is second to none, with the lace and little jewels.
The shoes I chose for her seemed comfy and she had no problems walking around.
Sisters snuggling, wearing Roco clothes dresses

Overall Thoughts

If you have a special occasion and want your children to look fabulous, Roco Clothes is the perfect place to shop. I like how there is a variety of items and the prices vary. You can choose something a little more expensive if you fancy. I was so amazed at how beautiful the clothes were; my girls look lovely.

A definite thumbs up from us.

Roco clothing review

Disclosure – we were provided with these items free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.