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For Aisha Baby Food – REVIEW

for Aisha baby food

AD – We are not a family who eats typically British food a lot. Don’t get me wrong we will have a roast dinner now and then and we have fish and chips (I like them with sweet potato) weekly but we do like exotic foods and flavours. So of course, we want our children to follow suit. The gremlin is not that adventurous but her baby sister is. When we were asked to review some baby food from For Aisha, I was keen! The foods sounded delicious, with amazing recipes.

More About For Aisha

For Aisha make halal baby food with exotic recipes from around the world. They want a combination of delicious flavours and healthy recipes for your babies and young children, perfect for the weaning diet.

Sometimes parents are busy (yes!) and it’s hard to prepare exotic recipes for their little ones. For Aisha can help with this.

They promise:

  • Premium British Halal meat
  • Pulses, herbs and gentle spices for baby
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No artificial additives or flavourings
  • No added sugar or salt

They have Stage 2 meals available, suitable for babies over 7 months old in pouches. There are some lovely meals such as Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry.

They also have Stage 3 meals, suitable for those over 10 months old, in small bowls. Again with some exciting flavours such as Date and Apricot Tagine with Lamb.

You can buy online but also in Tesco, Asda, Boots, Morrisons and Ocado, so very easy to get your hands on. There is also some dietary and weaning information on the website which I found useful.

What Did We Think?

My youngest is now 17 months so I knew she would trial one of the Stage 3 meals. I decided to heat up the Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry, as I know these ingredients usually go down well.

For Aisha chicken and sweet potato curry pack

You can see her trying the meal for the first time below. I did add a little rice and yoghurt, as we were also having curry and she likes to be the same!

From her initial trials she seemed to like the meal. She can feed herself and was digging in. However, she did not finish it and when questioned did not want anymore.

baby feeding themselves

baby eating For Aisha curry

I believe this probably because she is a little older now and her tastes will have changed. For a while now she has eaten what we have and I have to admit, there is a little added salt and the stronger flavours you find in more mature dishes. I think her tastes are probably past these meals now due to her age.

However, I had a little taste myself and it was soft, pleasantly flavoured, not spicy and the sweet potato was nice. I know this was exactly what my little Piglet would have eaten 6 months ago and would therefore really recommend for those babies started to have more texture and want to widen their flavour choices.

They are also fab for those starting out with meat, as some babies can be very fussy.

Baby eating For Aisha baby food

Overall Thoughts

Although my little one was a little old for these meals, I would have totally used if she was younger. We like to eat out as a family and I have always relied on a pouch or mini bowl of food when she was smaller. They are convenient and full of taste and goodness.

I like the variety and originality of the meals and recipes and the nutritional composition of the meals. They are exotic and slowly introduce little ones to more flavours and tastes. I’m aware not everyone will prefer Halal meat but is not something that would stop me from letting my little ones have the meals.

A thumbs up from us!

Disclosure – we were provided with these meals in exchange for an honest review and compensated for our time. All thoughts and opinions are our own.