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Wine and Chocolate – a Match Made in Heaven?

Easter is a lovely holiday isn’t it? It’s that time of year where you are hoping to see a little bit of Spring, spend time with family, enjoy Easter Egg hunts and perhaps indulge in a little bit of chocolate and other yummy treats. Well why not? Christmas seems like ages ago, especially this year when we seem to have been cold permanently for 3 months.

I definitely enjoy a little tipple over the holidays, my favourite being wine.

GiftsOnline4U have created this brilliant little infographic and article about the lovely wines you can enjoy with chocolate and which combinations go best together.

Who would have thought a Morrisons Belgian white chocolate egg could go so well with Prosecco or an Asti? My husband loves the odd glass of sherry and it is thought to go amazingly well with some Green and Blacks dark chocolate.

It has given me some ideas for what to have over the Easter holidays. Some combinations I would have never thought of.

Recently I have got into port and we drank a little over the festive period. My husband enjoys a good red and something like a chianti, which has rich notes of berries and cloves, is thought to go with a dark chocolate, such as the 70% egg from Green and Blacks.

Years ago I would have been a Riesling girl, as preferred my sweeter wines with that apple-y and apricot-y flavour. For those of you who still do, a milk chocolate Rolo Egg is a suggested combination that would work very well.

Have a look below for some more inspiration!

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.