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5 Things That I Have Done That Have Made Me Proud!!

5 Things That I Have Done That Have Made Me Proud!!

Being proud of yourself.

It sounds a bit corny doesn’t it really? Makes you go a bit red just thinking about it but I think it really is such an important thing to feel now and then.

As a kid, having my parents proud of me was a very big deal. I guess up to a point and probably still now we all seek approval and affirmation from our parents. It’s a confidence boost; a feel good moment and one of the biggest things I’ve always done with the gremlin is to tell her I’m proud of her when she’s done something well. I guess it shapes who you are as an adult.

I don’t think this feeling should really stop as an adult. We should be proud of the things we have achieved, however small. We are all growing, trying new things and often just surviving on a daily basis so those proud moments are a boost!

So I thought after saying all that, what are my 5 most proudest moments recently?

– My first bit of public speaking since returning to work after little Piglet. I’d had issues in the past and it was always something I feared when going back to work but it was fine! I was confident and glad I had pushed my way through those nerves.

– Going on a work trip abroad alone for the first time since my second baby. I really felt the wrench of leaving this time and there were a few held back tears as I left. But I had such a good time and the break was lovely too!

– This blog! Although it’s not my sole earner, I work part time, I’m so proud at how far it has come. My stats are modest and I know I’ll never be a full on ‘influencer’ but the opportunities, extra cash and reviews are brilliant for something I love to do!

– Getting back in shape after my second. I’m not going to lie and say it’s been easy. I love my exercise but I flipping hate that alarm going off on my days off work and dragging myself down to gym. But I do it and have worked hard to feel strong again, despite injuries.

– Being a mother to two crazy girls! This one I think a lot of us forget but we have bore life and we are bringing up little people to face the world someday. I often feel I have no clue, feel selfish when they get in the way of what I want to do and feel insane by the end of the day BUT I must be doing something right! That is just awesome.


So there you have it! I didn’t create this post as a tag but if you’re reading this and thinking I need to do this and write down the things YOU are most proud of, do it!

We all need a pat on the back sometimes.