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REVIEW – Baby Annabell Interactive Doll

REVIEW – Baby Annabell Interactive Doll

AD – The Baby Annabell Interactive Doll is a perfect toy for kids who love realistic dolls and using their imagination. It does a wee and cries real tears.

Both my girls love their babies. I mean LOVE. Even little Piglet, who is only 18 months wants to get her hands on any baby related. This is fab, as they love to play but it does mean a lot of squabbling! I knew they would both go nuts for the new Baby Annabell Interactive Doll and I was totally right!!

More About the Baby Annabell Interactive Doll

This doll is the UK’s number 1 best seller and is recommended for children age 3 and up (this has not stopped my youngest, who is obsessed!).

girl excited over interactive baby Annabell doll

She is  just like a real baby with realistic sound and movements and has 8 lifelike functions.

Baby girl playing with the Baby Annabell Interactive Doll

She really wets her nappy and can use a potty, she babbles, gurgles, sucks on her bottle or dummy with real sounds and mouth movement, cries real tears, burps, yawns, falls asleep and responds to touch and movement. The doll comes with a bottle, dummy, bib, nappy and cute pendant.

The Baby Annabell Interactive Doll requires 3 x AAA batteries, so bear this in mind if you are buying as a present. She RRPs at £54.99.

Getting Started with the Baby Annabell Interactive Doll

Our box was a little damaged in transit but that didn’t stop us digging in and getting Annabell out. You need a screwdriver to remove the battery back, to fit the 3 x AAAs you need.

You then switch her on using the button on the back and she immediately starts making cute baby sounds. You can easily switch her off and after some time has passed, she will fall asleep, to conserve batteries. You can wake her up by giving her the dummy or her bottle.

My eldest immediately wanted to give her the dummy. She is pretty clever as will suck the dummy and make realistic baby sounds and facial expressions. We found out if you give her the dummy three times, she will cry, needing comforting her by patting her or giving her the dummy or bottle.

girl holding interactive baby Annabell doll

The gremlin then wanted to feed her with real water to make her use the potty. To this you must fill the bottle with clean water and press firmly into Annabell’s mouth. She doesn’t suck this in and you have to gently squeeze the bottle. We soon realised don’t squeeze too hard and make sure the bottle is firmly in her mouth, as otherwise it can go everywhere. I’d have a towel nearby!

girl feeding interactive baby annabell doll with bottle

This took a bit of practice but you can then make baby Annabell do a wee. We have a baby potty and sat her on the potty. You then squeeze the heart on her tummy and she wees. The gremlin did need a bit of help from me to do this.

Annabell does do a burp after her bottle, if you pick her up and pat her back. My eldest did find this funny. She babbles a lot in baby language, which is very sweet.

We also were really surprised when she started crying with real tears! This was after we had fed her some water. It was very clever.

Baby Annabell can also be rocked to sleep but she must be completely horizontal to fall asleep completely. She makes very cute sleeping noises. As you rock her she may cry but you can comfort her and stroke her cheek.

She is easily woken and comforted by patting, stroking and giving her the dummy.

My eldest immediately stripped her off as well and put her nappy on (what is it with kids doing this?).

What Did We Think?

Both my girls were smitten with Baby Annabell and as I predicted, there was a lot of screaming and fighting so the time had to be rationed a little!

In terms of what Baby Annabell can do my eldest and I were impressed. She was most fascinated with the real water drinking, the weeing and the real tears. She loved feeding her and watching her wee (as they all do!). I have to say water does spill a bit when you are doing this and there is a bit of a knack to feeding her but Baby Annabell’s outfit is very easy to dry. I would say perhaps not to play in an area where you are bothered it may get a bit wet.

This dolly is realistic but not over the top. She is very sweet with her babbling and her facial expressions and eye movements are cute. My eldest loved to comfort her.

I liked how soft her body was and she is not too heavy to carry around. You can hear the sounds of her movement but I don’t think this would bother a little one too much.

child holding interactive baby annabell

Price wise I don’t think it is too bad for what Baby Annabell can do. She has some lovely features, is very cute and lifelike. I found the crying real tears quite impressive, if a little wet!

I think all children will love this doll, as she is cuddly, lifelike and a child can really role play being a parent and immerse themselves in caring for Baby Annabell.

She would make a lovely gift.

Disclosure – we were provided with this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.