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3 Ways to Keep on Top of Life as a Busy Mum

Life as a busy mum can, at times, feel a little overwhelming, so much to do, so little time to do it in. Done these things must be though and so finding strategies to help is crucial. Here I talk about 3 ways to keep on top of life as a busy mum.

Make the Most of Technology

Some may argue that technology is taking over. Digital technology, such as the internet of things is developing at a staggering rate and I say great. The easier it is for me to get mundane tasks done the better. If my fridge can order milk for me when I run out great and if technology can run me a bath, ready for when the kids need one, even better.

This technology is not yet installed in our home, but, roll on the day. Until then, however, making the most of technology is something that I continue to do and something that helps me keep on top of things. The dishwasher is a lifesaver and I’m not sure exactly where I would be without my mobile phone for reminders and for communicating with other mums, friends and family. Not all my strategies, however, are quite so high tech.

Write Stuff Down

I write stuff down all the time. Lists, ideas and even little drawings all go into my little note book and are reviewed regularly. Some of this information does eventually become digitised, but on the whole, my note book is invaluable. An example of how I find it useful is for gift ideas, I make a note if I see, or think of, anything that would make a good gift – this seems like an endless process and so I need to keep on top of it.

Other ways in which it comes in handy is ideas for my writing activities and of course, for the household shopping lists – just have to remember to take it along to the shops with me.

Don’t Make Life a Soap Opera

Now, I’m not really one to preach, but this strategy has really worked for me. I have a rule that I try to abide by at all times – no TV before 9pm. This means I’m far less likely to feel guilty about spending too much time watching things like soap operas. Plus, it gives me a little extra time to get things organised after the children are in bed. Once 9pm comes around (it’s later sometimes), I let myself watch whatever I like.

And there they are 3 ways that I keep on top of life as a busy mum.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.