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Become a Hairdressing Queen with these Hints and Tips

I love the kiddie trend for all things unicorn and mermaid, but with these glorious long manes and rainbow locks has arrived some serious long hair challenges for parents. The trend for long hair is not about to go away and so I’m here to help you.

Tame Those Tresses

First up comes taming those tresses and a superb Tangle Tamer from Capital Hair & Beauty is a must. It is almost impossible to achieve Taylor Swift worthy braids with tangled locks.

Make it Childs Play

I know from experience with my own hair, that conditioning is vital for locking in nutrients, preventing split ends and resulting in glossy, style-ready hair. Don’t miss this part of the hair care routine out when it comes to hair washing night with the kids. There are few kids that enjoy getting their hair washed, so to avoid rushing it try to make it fun. There’s lots of great bath products out there, like coloured bubbles and bath crayons that are great distractions. Make sure to keep remining little ones to tilt their chins up to avoid getting bubbles on their face. Practising hair washing in role play out of the bath with dolls and barbies is also a good way of creating positive associations.

Styling Fit For a Princess

Music, singing and a favourite TV programme are a great way of getting through the painful process of getting a little one to sit still for long enough for you to complete the demanded double French plait. Just like your visit to the hairdresser, make sure your client (little one) is comfortable, in front of a mirror and has a drink and snacks to hand.

Whether it is with or without the popular JoJo ‘bow bow’ style, a ponytail combined with hairclip or other accessory is quick and easy. Try a side ponytail for fun and using several hair bands on top of each other gives the ponytail a lift, and leaves space for a nice big bow.

Pop celebs like Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande have elevated the French plait to dizzy new heights. From stacked, waterfall, double and loose, there are so many variations. For pro parents, practise on a barbie doll and invest in special braiding products. Braids can also be much easier to do when the hair is wet. For a loose braid, pick larger pieces of hair and tease it when completed.

If you’re a parent of daughters, becoming your household hairdressing queen will put you in high demand.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.