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13 Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Mums

The fact that you are at home doesn´t mean you can´t earn and be productive. Enjoy parenting while expressing your creativity, learning and developing in the certain career field. Your life could be far from monotonous if you become a bit more proactive.

Here is the list of 13 amazing business ideas that can change your daily routine and give a breath of fresh air into your life:

Freelance writing

You have always been passionate about writing or story telling? If you know that storytelling is what you are best in, give it a try and start searching for clients. Sign up on platforms that are looking for writers all over the world like Upwork, Fiverr or Freelancer and get to work.


If you were dreaming of becoming a photographer and you know you have what it takes then don´t hesitate and use the power of Instagram and start promoting your talent. It has never been easier to pursue your dreams, be authentic, consistent, and the results will come in time.


If you have a passion for fashion, entrepreneurial spirit and love for designing, then you can earn from sewing at home. Buy a sewing machine, take a course or learn from online tutorials, and start creating your pieces of clothing. When you create your authentic piece of clothing, you would like to use a personalized sticker or custom gift ribbon and mark it as yours. It is important to use a sticker or personalized labels as they are part of your brand identity.

After that, you are ready for earning! Etsy is an Internet platform where you can sell the stuff you have made. It is a great place for all those people that enjoy in handmade, unique things.


Whether you are passionate about fitness, yoga, life coaching, games, parenting, you can share your tips and tutorials on YouTube and earn a serious amount of money. Having valuable tips on any given topic, creating authentic content and uploading consistently it can launch you to the stars.


Create your website for free and start posting valuable content (travel, cooking, and lifestyle). When you reach enough people that follow you constantly and engage with your content you can expect great monthly income. However, blogging takes time so don´t get discouraged too fast. Believe in yourself and your idea, and work hard to succeed.

Make-up artist

If you are obsessed with make-up and you know how to create beautiful and interesting looks with it, you can either use social media or YouTube for promotion. In time, you can either earn clients that will pay for your services, or a large audience that follows your tips, plus others paying you to promote their services or all of it.

Bridal consultant

Weddings are great but stressful to organize. That is why people hire an organizing team to help them with the planning stress. If you like weddings, you can be a home-based bridal consultant. You have to be detail oriented person with excellent organizing skills. If you have these traits, go ahead, and show them what you´ve got!

Graphic designer

You can work as a freelance graphic designer or illustrator. Also, if you want you can use your skills to create your own line of stationery, printables or even web design templates. If you specialize in a specific field such as logo design, infographics, brochures or annual reports, you can earn a lot of money, especially if you have authentic ideas.

Sell homemade cookies or cakes

People like food, and people like delicious and good looking food. If you like playing around the kitchen, use your passion and talent and start promoting yourself online by sharing those amazing cookies with the world. Don´t be so selfish!

Social media manager

Do you like spending time on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter? If you do, you can take an online marketing course, develop skills, and start your social media manager career. Sign up on any freelance platform, and get to work. Also, you can offer your services directly to brands, if you already have ideas for improving their social media strategies.

Soap making

Use beautifully scented oils, natural ingredients, and imagination and start selling your homemade soaps!

Essential oils

If you know the secret to creating the best essential oils, and you believe in their healing powers, share that with other enthusiasts. There are lots of people that would like to try healing powers of essential oils, yet are lazy to make them. Help them and sell your work on Etsy.

Virtual assistant

The only way people can survive thousands of responsibilities throughout the day is – outsourcing. Help freelancers or other stressed workers to breathe and take a part of their responsibilities. They will be grateful and they will pay you for it. Respond to emails, organize trips, and finish some phone calls. The better you perform, the more tasks and pay you are going to be assigned, which is a huge bonus. For example, if you work your way up as an assistant, you could be handling important jobs like working out the best way to transfer money to Mexico or other countries for the business, handling the scheduling of interviews and so much more. How does it sound to you?

What You Have to Remember About Running an At-Home Business

At the end of the day, it’s not always as easy as just having an internet connection, a laptop, and a phone. It does not matter what people online say; it’s just not that simple. Since this is meant to be a business, it needs to be taken as seriously as a business would. So this could mean needing to find a better internet service in my area that has faster speed and fewer outages. It could mean getting a website and hosting that’s paid for (rather than using the free WordPress website) and, yes, making your social media profiles appear professional. If you want to have an at-home business, then you need to treat it as such.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.