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Changes to your Lifestyle: Varicose Vein Treatment

Varicose veins are something I kind of thought happened to older people and varicose vein treatment was something I have never really thought about. I guess we are all like that, unless we have a health issue.

My grandma suffered a little when she was alive but was older. I often remember wondering what the raised, purple marks were on her legs. She never really seemed to bother about them and never talked about them but for others they can be seen as unsightly and really knock a person’s confidence. I saw quite a few people on my recent holiday, of all ages but mainly women who had them. 

But what are varicose veins and how can they can treated?

Varicose veins are veins that have become enlarged and twisted. They can be found anywhere but the term usually refers to the leg. They are usually caused by weakened veins in your legs. It can happen at any point. There are a few factors that can increase risk including being female, having a family member with them, being pregnant, being overweight or generally being older. They can also cause some symptoms like swollen and achy legs, dry and itchy skin over the veins. 

The summer months can be more tricky if you feel self conscious about the appearance of your legs. As they affect females more; Shorter skirts, swimming costumes may feel like a daunting prospect when living with varicose veins. It need not be that way however.

Varicose vein treatment can be medical, looking into the root cause of the varicose veins but there are also many things that can be looked at via lifestyle. 

Some of the best top tips for varicose vein treatment are:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight. This helps with less weight and pressure on the veins. This of course can be tricky but basing meals on lean protein, including plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, including a small portion of starchy carbohydrate is a good start. Keep refined sugar to a minimum and if snacking try and base on more filling protein: nuts seeds and plain yoghurt are a good start.
  • Drinking plenty of fluid. Water is the best drink for us all but can really help with varicose vein treatment. 
  • Keep active and exercise regularly. This improves circulation and can help with weight maintenance.
  • Avoid long period of standing or sitting. Again this helps with putting less pressure on the veins. Similarly avoiding wearing high heels can really help. 
  • Try not to sit cross legged to keep good circulation. This would be really hard for my mum as she is often down on the floor playing with my daughters but there are better ways to sit with straight legs to avoid cross legged.

There are ways to treat varicose veins and help you feel better and more confident. Small changes to your lifestyle, diet and exercise regime can really help with confidence, as well as having a medical treatment.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.