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Planning My 5 Year Old’s Party

I’m in complete denial that the gremlin is going to be 5 very soon. FIVE. Five years of my littlest grem. I’ll admit I love her birthdays but I don’t always like planning her parties. There is always so much to organise.

Even from the very basics like sorting out invitations, where you may want to buy some from your local party shop or you may even want to design your own and use printing services to make a really personal design.

Last year I knew it was going to be the last time I would host a party at home. The last two years we have had garden parties, hired a bouncy castle and invited friends and family to the house for both food and drinks. The kids have always loved it and I know my eldest has always been so grateful and had a lovely time. This year I do think she wanted to have it at home again but I knew with all her school mates, we needed to take it somewhere else!

This year the gremlin is having a joint party with our neighbour as they have very close birthdays and similar friendship groups. We are having it at a place that a couple of my friends have laughed at and groaned at the same time.

Soft Play!!

Yep. Loud, germy, sweaty soft play BUT the kids absolutely love it. We don’t have to do anything. They sort out the foods and even small party bags. We need to get the cakes done and maybe add to the party bags but that is pretty much it. No mess. No fuss and no mammoth tidying job is needed afterwards either.

I know there will be a couple of the gremlin’s mates who won’t come due to where it is but I’m sure most of her school mates will rock up for a couple of hours of running around like loonies and lots of yummy food.

I’ll be sad to not organise it all myself and be the host but at the same time, I’ll be glad to come home to a tidy house and put my feet up!

What about you? Do you do parties at home?