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Things That Need Replacing in my House After Having Kids!!

Things That Need Replacing in my House After Having Kids!!
Kids. You love them don’t you? But they trash everything. Keeping a tidy house is near impossible. Buying anything nice and pretty is usually a mistake and you do have to think there isn’t that much point trying to have a beautiful house until they are a little older.
That’s ok. I’ve kind of come to live with that and am ok with it. As long as I can keep things vaguely clean and tidy (with the help of a cleaner too) I’m winning! I do feel like I am trying to shovel snow when it’s still snowing though!!
I know in time there are going to be a lot of things in the house that need replacing or updating as they get older. Now it would be a total waste of cash but it can’t help to have a few ideas
– The lounge carpet. It’s not terrible but there are milk and tea stains and it is getting a bit worn. Will be lovely to have a new one at one point.
– The skirting boards. They get so battered by the girls banging into them and may even need totally replacing or a really good paint.
– The walls need repainting. Scuffs, pencils, general black marks! They get in such a state and I guess it does give us an excuse to vamp up a room. Maybe a new colour or even a feature wall?
– The doors. They may not need fully replacing but possibly sanding down and re painting. Maybe we could get some smart new door handles?
– The sofas. We had new sofas when we moved into the new house but there are already some marks where my eldest has split some milk and yoghurt on it!! I’m sure when the girls are older we will need another one!
– The dining room table. Our one is already old but the girls have drawn on it and even tried to sit on it! I can’t see the point in replacing it yet so I’m sure it is one for the future.
I’ve got lots of plans for my shiny house one day but for now I’m going to enjoy these crazy girls and try not to worry too much about the mess!!
Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.