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Tiddlers And Nippers – **REVIEW**

Tiddlers And Nippers – **REVIEW**

AD – When I go on holiday with the kids I want life to be as simple as possible. It’s hard work being crammed in a small room with two mini yous and it’s even harder work remembering everything when going down to spend a day by the pool. You want to be able to pack everything away easily and keep the little ones as comfortable as possible. This is where Tiddlers and Nippers came in really handy on our recent holiday.

Who Are Tiddlers and Nippers?

This is the second time I have worked with this lovely company, as I reviewed their weaning diaries previously. They have recently expanded their product line and you can read more about their story here. Tiddlers and Nippers is a family run company that started with tracking products, like weaning diaries but have now moved to home and travel products for your little ones. They have a clothing range, home range including phone cases cushions and toy cubes and a travel range including towels and bags.

What Did We Review from Tiddler and Nippers?

We were asked to review some of the products from the Tiddler and Nippers travel range.

As we were going on holiday, travel towels would be a perfect option and we were sent one each for the girls.

These retail at £14.99 and come in blue, pink and grey.

They are quick drying and only weigh 200g with 220gsm Microfibre for both softness & comfort. They absorb up to 8 times more than a standard towel and have a convenient hanging loop and carry case. They are really compact and soft.

tiddler and nippers travel towel

We were also sent a Kids Hanging Toiletry Bag & Organiser, perfect to pack some of the girls’ toiletries. These come in three designs and retail at £14.99. What is cool is you can hang it anywhere, which saves space in a crazy hotel room.

tiddler and nippers travel and wash bag Inside a tiddler and nippers travel and wash bag

It is water resistant and easy to clean with 1 main storage section, plus 2 additional zipped mesh pockets. The bag is luggage friendly with dimensions of 22cm x 16cm x 7cm and has 3 further vertical pockets for organising toiletries once open.

Fab for the kid’s bits!

The final thing we were sent was a Tiddler Wet and Dry Bag which retail at £13.99.  These are exactly as they sound and allow you to keep wet and dry things separate when out and about. It features a watertight internal pocket, perfect for storing wet nappies and clothes, whilst the zipped external mesh pocket has been designed to carry dry items like nappies, spare clothes and wipes. The bag is available in 4 designs so plenty of choice too.

It is also wipe clean and has a 2.5 litre internal capacity. You could use it for other things as well, like bottles and drink storage.

tiddler and nippers wet and dry bag tiddler and nippers wet and dry bag

What Did We Think of Tiddlers and Nippers?

Starting with the travel towel.

My eldest mainly used this as she went in the pool the most on holiday. Her first reaction was “wow it’s so soft”. We didn’t use it initially as she had a Little Mermaid towel but once she used the travel towel, she swapped over immediately.

I dried her really quickly and the towel itself easily dried when left in the warm air. I liked how small the packaging was and how easy it was to transport.

I’m thinking if the gremlin starts swimming lessons, she may use it for that. Really good product.

girl with a tiddlers and nippers travel towel on

The travel bag was another really great product for holidays and getting out and about with the kids.

I liked how you could hang it up and then have everything displayed. This means you can attempt to be organised when on holiday and also find everything. How many times do you lose your kid’s toothpaste in a hotel room??

I liked how it was wipe clean and that it was also pretty compact in your suitcase. We will definitely continue to use this when staying anywhere with the girls.

Finally the wet and dry bag. This was definitely the most useful for transporting wet clothes back to the hotel room. There was enough space for both the girl’s costumes and meant I didn’t have to get my beach bag all wet. Again I liked how it was wipe clean.

I also think I may use that bag for other things, like suggested, taking food and drinks out.

Overall Thoughts of Tiddlers and Nippers

I really liked the Tiddler and Nippers travel products we tested out on holidays. I could really tell so much thought had gone into them and how to make life as easy and practical for parents when going away. Let’s face it, it can be really hard work sometimes!! You need easy clean, small products that work.

Everything was really innovative and practical and therefore worthwhile. I think the products are reasonably priced and I love the bright coloured designs; very me!

Overall I would recommend!

Would You Like to Win a Wet and Dry Bag from Tiddlers and Nippers?

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Disclosure – we were provided with these products in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 




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