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Top Tips for your First Eurocamp Trip

Top Tips for your First Eurocamp Trip

Some of my friends swear by Eurocamp, the UK’s leading European camping specialist but it is a holiday style I have not tried yet. One of my friends swears by her holidays camping in France. I have seen their pictures and it does look like a really fun holiday.

Eurocamp have over 190 locations across Europe set in beautiful locations – beaches, forests, lakes, cities, mountains – which offer amazing opportunities for exploring and sightseeing.

I’m told I will like it (fussy girl) as they have holiday homes, as well as Eurocamp classic tents. Your holiday homes have separate bedrooms, you get your own outdoor space and extras like BBQs, DVD players, a sun canopy and dishwashers are on offer.

It is something I have thought about, as would like the girls to have some experience of a different style of holiday. We have always done all-inclusive hotels but I stayed in the South of France as a child with my school friend and we had a brilliant time.

I’ve never camped with kids before and these tips from Five Little Stars may help you but I also asked a group of more experienced bloggers what their tops tips would be staying at a Eurocamp site.

“Camping in a VW camper as we speak! Pack as much as you can from home: tea towels, washing up liquid, baby wipes – it makes all the difference!” Natalie from Confessions of a Crummy Mummy.

“Take an umbrella! As daft as it seems, some of the sites are really big and if you get caught out with a tropical thunderstorm when you are in your holiday home it can be a long way to walk to the shop or the restaurant in the rain! We learned this the hard way!”  Jodie from Maidenhead Mum.

“Ah man, I love camping. My tip would be to decant things from home to take that save you having to buy ‘big’ portions whilst on holiday (tupperware of sugar, little pot of salt and pepper, decanted washing up liquid etc). ALWAYS pack bin bags, and a big roll of kitchen towel (useful for patting the tent dry at the end of the holiday!), and wellies. Whatever the weather forecast, always pack wellies.” Holly from Little Pickle’s Mom.

“Always over pack! It’s better to have something you don’t need than don’t have something you do need. 2 or 3 pairs of shoes and towels, lots of towels!” Ben from Wood Create.

“If in a tent as opposed to static home purchase a kampakazi (portable loo!) they are a god send, also even if going in summer even if you think it will be warm at night the temp drops so pack some warm night clothes.” Helen from Blogging Beautifully.

“Buy one of those camping trolleys to carry things from your car to your camping pitch. It’s amazing how much stuff you need to take and so much easier if you can pop it in a trolley and drag it behind you!”  Nikki from Yorkshire Wonders.

“My advice is to not overpack as space is of a premium. Also, do a shop in a hypermarket before you arrive, as the shop on site is potentially eye-wateringly expensive!” Tracey from Pack The Pjs.

“Bring slippers if you are in a tent. I never ever wear slippers but bought some in France as the tent can get chilly if the weather isn’t quite as sunny as you hoped. We had lots of rain last time and although it was warm the ground sheet wasn’t !! Also check details to see what bedding is included. I missed that you needed to bring sheets.” Kirsty from Navigating Baby.

“Look up retro games that don’t need heaps of equipment. They are novel to children nowadays and you need entertainment especially when can’t sleep if over-excited.” Kate from Kate on Thin Ice.

There are some tips here that I would have never thought of and it has given me an idea of what to pack and what to consider on a more camping style holiday.

Eurocamp have thought through all these tips and offer a range of extras so you don’t need to pack everything in the car / suitcase e.g. duvet, linen & beach towel packs and welcome & essential packs containing things like washing up liquid, tea, coffee, sugar, wine, bin bags. This will really help you out!

What about you? Have you done Eurocamp before?

Disclosure – This is a collaborative post.