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5 Reasons Why I Would Love to Visit India

5 Reasons Why I Would Love to Visit India

I think we all have bucket lists don’t we? Bucket lists of places we would love to go. I think when you are younger if you don’t travel or take a gap year and perhaps get working quickly, it can be difficult to fit in all the places you want to visit, even if you have loads of inspiration when you do your research.

Then if you get married and settle down, this becomes even more tricky. I know there are a few places I really wished I had gone to before the gremlin was born. We even tried to get to some on our honeymoon but the season and timing was wrong. Plus we had an awesome time in Hawaii instead

One on my bucket list is India. My step-Nan has been a few times and although she warns me I may get a gypy tummy at some point (!), she has always had such an amazing time.

I think it would be fabulous to explore alone or even take a tour of the sights.

Of course like any place, there are reasons why I would like to visit and these are my top 5:

– To see how different it is. Friends and family have told me about just how different India is. They are almost overwhelmed when they have visited. The people, the amount of people and the driving! One friend in particular could not get over how scary it was! No real rules, cars all over and to be honest for him, a little scary! I’d still be fascinated to see though.

– The food. I’m a huge fan of Asian cuisine and in particular Indian food. Of course, we get traditional Indian food provided for us here in Birmingham but I’d be keen to try food from the the actual country it was from. I just have this image that if I was shopping for ingredients, the air would smell of spices. I also think it was taste better but I would love to see for real.

– To see some of the amazing cultural sights. The Taj Mahal would definitely be high on the agenda. But to learn about Gandhi and his legacy would be amazing. Also the many forts and palaces look stunning.

– To see the amazing country. India is vast and from the amazing beaches to the mountains. Whenever, I look at photos I am always blown away and would love to see this close up.

– To see the culture and the people. I’d want to see their lives, traditions and learn about life in India. As i have said before, it seems so different!

I’m sure one day I will get there. The kids maybe a little older or I maybe a little older but I always think it’s great to have bucket lists; dreams for the future! India can wait a little longer.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.