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Christmas Gift Guide – For The Man in Your Life

Christmas Gift Guide – For The Man in Your Life

I can’t believe I am writing a Christmas Gift Guide for the hubby again. Time sometimes feel like it flies. How is it Christmas again in a couple of months?

If you are like me, I do like to be organised a little and have started thinking about what to get for my hubby (and my bro and Step-Dad for that matter) and here are some ideas I have put together. All have been approved by my other half, as things he would genuinely like and here they are!

1 – An Italian Hamper from Vorrei

Hubby is a huge fan of Italian food and always likes to try new things, so I knew a hamper would be quite a unique idea for him. Italian Hampers from Vorrei provide a luxurious range and budget hampers, starting at £50. There are so many to choose from and they include some delicious foods, such as wine, pasta, balsamic vinegars, olives and olive oil and Tuscan honey to name a few choices.

If you know an Italian food fan, this would be a perfect and unique gift!


2 – Woollen Slippers from Baabuk

I’m not sure the other half always wore slippers before we got together but now he loves a good pair, especially quite different designs. These woollen slippers from Baabuk he absolutely loves and wears every day. Retailing at 69.90 Euros, these Gus slippers from Baabuk come in a variety of colours and are made of 100% wool from New Zealand, with a natural crepe rubber sole. Baabuk have a variety of different styles of slippers, boots and trainers, so worth having a look!

3 – A Monthly Spice Kit Subscription from The Spice Pioneer

My hubby is the cook in our house. I can cook when I need to, rest assured but he mainly does it! He loves to try new recipes (especially when the eldest isn’t around, as she is fussy!) and likes to include spices and exotic flavours. This is where a monthly spice kit subscription from The Spice Pioneer would be perfect for him! You can buy for 3, 6 or 12 months and prices start at £27 for 3 months.

4 – Bamboo Socks from Crew Clothing

Now some people may think socks can be a bit of a tedious present but when you see your other half’s full of holes, or shedding fluff everywhere, they are a Christmas necessity! These bamboo sock boxes from Crew Clothing would suit hubby down to the ground. They are made with a soft, breathable fabric and come in a three pack, retailing at £20.

5 – Korres Dynamic Duo Basil Lemon and Ginger Lime from Sainsbury’s

Hubby used to ask me what his favourite smell was and I always had to remember it was lime! He also cooks with ginger quite a bit (we are curry nuts) so I knew luxurious shower gel, duo would be something he would really appreciate. It’s a creamy-foam shower gel, packed full of with wheat proteins and Althea extract, helping to maintain the skin’s natural moisture levels. The gift contains the bestselling Basil Lemon Shower Gel 250ml, and Ginger Lime Shower Gel 250ml. This retails at £15.

6 – Snacks from Rhythm 108

I’m always on at the other half to have more healthy snacks when he gets hungry. He doesn’t ever fill himself up as much and ends up picking! I was offered a variety of snacks from Rhythm 108 who make natural, whole food with no more than 8 ingredients. Products are organic and Rhythm 108 have a variety of products including dessert bars and tea biscuits. Many products are dairy free and gluten free and a good source of fibre.

As I’m writing this, I sampled some of the double choco-hazelnut tea biscuits. They were delicious with a cup of tea!!

7 – A Lyle and Scott Tartan Woven Scarf from Mainline Menswear

I don’t actually think my hubby owns a scarf so when I spiked this Lyle and Scott tartan woven scarf on Mainline Menswear, I knew he would approve. I was right! Retailing at £40, this scarf is 66 inches in length and 12 inches in width and made of 100% lambswool. It has tassels at each end and the signature Lyle and Scott embroidered eagle logo is on the bottom corner in golden yellow and black.

I know my hubby will love this and am keeping it a nice secret for him.

8 – A Hardworking Skincare Giftset from O’Keeffe’s

These skin products from O’Keeffe’s are fantastic, as hubby used some last year and made such a difference to his skin. They are guaranteed relief from extremely cracked hands and feet and very soothing. O’Keeffe’s have products for hands, feet, lips and body and can be found in Boots, Superdrug, Wilkos and Amazon.

9 – The Tile Mate

The Tile Mate from is a perfect gift for anyone who is scatty and loses things! It attaches to keys and wallets and stops you from misplacing your precious items. It works via an App and if you lose an item you can ring it, to see if it’s nearby or you can look for it’s location on a map, if not close by.  The Tile Mate comes with a replaceable battery and has Smart home integration with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri Shortcuts and Comcast Xfinity X1. It retails at £20 and can be found in John Lewis, Dixons and Currys PC World.

10 – A Limited Edition Mach3 Gift Set from Gillette

This new limited edition Mach3 razor from Boots is available in both Chrome and Black and includes additional cartridges, a shave gel and, for the first time, a stand for the razor! Gillette has introduced the stand to Mach3 series as a recent survey from Gillette shows 96% of consumers would rather display their razors on the stand, as to avoid it interacting with other bathroom surfaces.

This would make an ideal Christmas gift and I know my other half would love!

11 – Posters from Posterlounge

We were lucky to work with Posterlounge earlier in the year and you can check out our review here. My hubby loves the posters we received and had a big hand in choosing them.

Posterlounge is a brilliant online shop with such a such a selection of unique wall art. There is a great selection of paintings, photographs and illustrations by artists from all over the world.

What is even better, is all the designs can be printed on a poster, on canvas, wood, Forex, Alu-Dibond and acrylic glass. You can be as stylish and individual as you like and Posterlounge promise excellent quality and low costs.

Definitely worth having a browse for a lovely gift.

Would you like to win £100 to spend at Posterlounge?

Then enter via Rafflecopter below. Please check out my terms and conditions here.

Some extra from Posterlounge:

  • The voucher is redeemable on all Posterlounge platforms
  • Valid for the entire product assortment, i.e. poster, wood, acrylic, glass. canvas, foam board and aluminium prints.
  • Valid from 15th November to 31st December 2020
  • No minimum order value.
  • Enter the discount code in the shopping basket to complete the ordering process.

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Hubby is a lucky chap! He has had some fab items this year and I hope this list has given you a bit of inspiration too!

Happy Christmas!

Disclosure – we were provide with some of these items and small samples, in exchange for inclusion in the guide. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 



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