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Posterlounge – Bringing Nature to the Home – REVIEW

Posterlounge – Bringing Nature to the Home – REVIEW

AD – Sometimes we need a little revamping of our decor and Posterlounge helped us with that.

One day, 2 years ago a then family of three moved into their new house. It was a much bigger house and they luckily did not need to do much work to it, apart from some painting and making it their own. The family settled in and a few months after moving in, a fourth little member of the family arrived.

Time was very precious and some the final touches to the house got forgotten. Fast forward 2 years later and the family still really hadn’t finishing adding some pictures to both their entrance hall and lounge and really needed some inspiration…..

This story sounds so familiar doesn’t it? You move house with little ones with such big intentions and it never gets done!! I see retired couples pottering around their garden and front of house and think, wow! I would never have any time for that. I have to ask my parents to have the girls when we need to do big jobs. One day but just not now.

This was definitely us, as the story says and for a while we have wanted something extra for both our entrance hall and lounge; something that would stand out and look amazing.

We didn’t have to look far with Posterlounge.

Who Are Posterlounge?

Posterlounge is a brilliant online shop with such a such a selection of unique wall art. There is a great selection of paintings, photographs and illustrations by artists from all over the world.

What is even better, is all the designs can be printed on a poster, on canvas, wood, Forex, Alu-Dibond and acrylic glass. You can be as stylish and individual as you like and Posterlounge promise excellent quality and low costs.


Choosing Our Designs

Hubby and I have very specific styles when it comes to the home. I am all about bright and colourful but realise that this isn’t always appropriate when it comes to wall art, as it ends up looking like it should be in one of the girls’ rooms!

Hubby like nature, greenery; anything that reminds him of being on holiday or our amazing honeymoon to Hawaii. A lot of our wall art is of the outdoors; the sky or places we have visited. It was therefore no surprise when we browsed at the amazing selection on Posterlounge, that we were drawn to scenes of greenery.

We had quite specific requirements when it came to the size and dimensions of the wall art for our entrance hall. It needed to be quite small in height but a long width. Posterlounge catered for this, which was great.

What We Chose – The Entrance Hall

This was the piece of art that needed to be more landscape and small in height.

This is the image we chose:

We had a think about the material and originally chose forex but we were advised acrylic glass would probably look better so we chose that. Size wise we went for 120 x 40 cm to fit the width of the wall in our entrance area. Without a frame this came to £79.99. Bear in mind acrylic was one of the most expensive materials. We then did opt for a natural frame too to finish off the piece. This was an extra £44.95, bringing the total to £124.90.

For The Lounge

The second piece we went for, was again an almost jungle scene. It reminded me of one of the treks we took when we were in Hawaii.

This is the image we chose:

Again we were going to choose forex but went for acrylic glass for the material.  We wanted a good size image for our wall and decided to go for 120 x 60 cm. This brought the price to £124.90. Again we also opted for a natural frame at £49.95, bringing the total to £169.90.

What Did We Think?

The prints arrived within 5 days as stated online and we were really keen to see the end result.

We really weren’t disappointed. Once we had taken off the packaging and peeled off the blue coating, that was protecting the images, we really got the “Wow Factor”.

I think, as we chose acrylic glass, the images look almost real! They are so crisp and vibrant, probably difficult to fully appreciate on our images.

Every time I walk into the house I have to look at this picture, as I’m just drawn to it. Love it. It has really made our entrance hall and fits perfectly with the colours.

entrance hall with a poster from posterlounge

poster from posterlounge

This is the same for the lounge. It is hard to see on the picture but our walls are a pale green and the jungle scene really works with this!

poster from posterlounge

Excuse the toys but the picture fits in the play area of the lounge.

poster from posterlounge

We were so glad we chose the frames are they really completed the artwork.

Overall Thoughts

We were both genuinely really impressed with Posterlounge. The finished products were really worth the money. I’m aware we did choose large images, acrylic glass and frames, which increased the price. If were looking at smaller posters and a different material, the costs would be a lot lower.

The images just look fantastic, realistic and so bold and vibrant. I often sit and look at them and dream of past places we have visited.

The service was as described and we were given help and advice when ordered our images. I would fully recommend if you are considering some wall art for your place. You will find something original and that will suit your style!

Disclosure – we were provided with these images free of charge for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.