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My Autumn/Winter Maternity Style

I have never really been pregnant fully through the winter before. With both the girls I fell pregnant in December and January and by the time I was huge, it was pretty warm. I ended up living in stretchy dresses, leggings and vest tops really, which isn’t amazing but you just get on with it don’t you?

This time around I fell pregnant on holiday in June, so I knew my bigger days were going to fall right through the winter months. There was no way I was going to survive in leggings and cardigans and I knew I wanted to buy some more clothes this time around. I wanted to feel good and be stylish! Well why not?

I thought I would share some of my autumn and winter favourites, whilst I have been pregnant.

I have to thank ASOS for all of these clothes (and no this isn’t an ad). It just has such a good range of stuff, so you don’t feel frumpy and huge.

So without further ado, here is what I have been living in!!

A Pinafore Dress

I loved this New Look Pinny which I bought from ASOS. It has so much room and you can wear a variety of tops underneath. Also, as it is black, it goes with my amazing River Island leopard print boots, which I bought to spice up the wardrobe.

maternity pinafore

Denim Dungarees

Ok, yes I did umm and errr over these but I had some friends who swore by them in pregnancy and they have been amazing! Once again I bought these from ASOS and they were over £40 but I am so glad I bought them. They are worn at least once a week and I reckon I will use them afterwards for a bit as well. So comfy and they grow with you too.

girl in asos maternity dungarees

Maternity Jeans

I may not be able to tag the exact ones I bought but I went to H&M, as I do absolutely swear by their maternity jeans. I think they are these MAMA Skinny Jeans. I usually choose over the bump and these have been so comfortable. I went for my usual size 10 and they were a bit big at first but as I have gained some baby fat around my hips and bums, they do now fit really well. I’m hoping they will last to the end of the pregnancy!

The mustard top is also maternity, from ASOS and looks fab with the jeans and under the pinny.

girl in h&m maternity jeans

Short Dresses

I wanted a couple of dresses from ASOS and ended up buying four different ones. I only have pictures of two, as don’t actually think have worn one yet but ASOS have such a fab selection.

I desperately wanted an animal print dress and have worn this one the most so far. It is stretchy, comfortable and looks great with knee high or ankle boots. Sadly it isn’t online anymore!

girl in maternity animal print dress

Slogan Tees

I’m quite fun with my style and of course loving maternity jeans and some leggings, I did want some fun tees. ASOS had a couple of great choices. So I have a “Preggers” one and a “Preggosaurus” one too! Loads of room to grow but the only negative thing is them being white! With a bump too, it is very easy to spill on them. Oops!

No pictures but click the links and you can have a nosey.

A Long Dress

I definitely wanted something long and a bit dressy for Christmas and still going with the animal print theme, I really liked this ASOS dress and it is so comfortable. I reckon I could have done with a Size 8, as it is a bit roomy but I do still have some growing time yet!

girl in maternity long animal print dress

Maternity Undies

I was very kindly sent this lovely Confetti Nursing Bra from Bravado in Amethyst colour. Also available in fawn and black. It retails at £26.99 and looks so lovely. Good underwear is just so important when you are pregnant for comfort and support.

It really feels amazing on, as it seam free and wire-free. Although I am not nursing yet (hoping to), it has easy access for feeding, as has drop-away cups, which allow maximum skin to skin contact with the baby.

I think it looks nice too, especially with my 30 week bump! I think I’ll enjoy wearing it before the little man comes.

A Teddy Coat

I knew I wanted one of these furry, warm coats this winter but I actually didn’t go down the maternity line or bigger size line! I just chose a New Look size 10 from ASOS and I love it. I can’t fasten it now of course, due to the bump but hopefully will get some more wear out of it next year too.

girl in teddy coat from new look

I think treating yourself during pregnancy is important. You are still you! You still want to look good and there is so much choice nowadays.

I’ve enjoyed being pregnant in the winter this time around and definitely enjoyed shopping and choosing!

Thank you ASOS!

Disclosure – I was provided with products for parts of this piece. All thoughts and opinions are my own.