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Being Pregnant at Christmas – The Pros and Cons

Being Pregnant at Christmas – The Pros and Cons

I’m in the middle of my second pregnancy that spans over the Christmas break. It’s weird being pregnant at Christmas. I was with the gremlin over the festive period, as we only found out on Christmas Eve. Thing is I didn’t really notice it. Apart from no drinking, I was about 4-5 weeks. I felt well, just excited and nervous about the little life that was growing inside me. It was early days and I spent lots of time staring at the pictures on BabyCentre!!

This Christmas I’ve been pretty heavily pregnant with my little man. Over 30 weeks now, I’m feeling it, bigger and Christmas this pregnant, has been a bit of a different experience.

As with all things there are pros on cons and I’m sharing mine this festive pregnancy.

Pros of Being Pregnant at Christmas

– No hangovers. The drinking, I’m sure will crop up in my Cons list too but it has been lovely to stay so fresh. I’m not a big drinker but enjoy a few with the family, especially if we play some games. We didn’t get chance to this year, as we headed home, as I had to work, so didn’t miss out too much.

– Rests and seats. I’ve spent my share of time sat on the floor with the girls over the festive period but now and then someone feels sorry for me and I get to sit on a limited chair or sofa seat.

– PJs! I’ve not felt bad at all if I have shoved my PJs on early to avoid the tightness of my clothes and to be more comfortable. It’s definitely a lovely perk.

– Getting away with being lazy or forgetting. The gremlin didn’t do any cards this year and nor did I. However, I do feel I have the perfect excuse for not being the best Mummy and Christmas extraordinaire this time. I must do some present labels next year though!

– Eating. I can’t go mad on the portions but I don’t think anyone bats an eyelid when they see a pregnant woman licking the spoon with the trifle cream on it!

being pregnant at Christmas


– No alcohol. I have to say mainly on Christmas Eve and Day I REALLY missed having a proper drink. I did have a little on Christmas Day with my dinner but it wasn’t the same missing my glass of wine once the presents were out on Christmas Eve and my vodka on Christmas Day night, whilst playing some games. Ah well, not long now.

– I can’t eat as much genuinely. The baby is getting in the way now and I have to listen to my body and stop. I was getting some incredible Braxton Hicks after my Boxing Day buffet.

– Feeling tired. I definitely get to mid-pm and am ready to watch a film and chill out for a while. We did manage to stay up a little but I am loving my rest and sleep.

– Not being able to walk as far on our Christmas Day walk. I was surprised hubby joined me and my step-Dad for a walk in the evening but I found after 30 minutes my bum and lower back were sore. Pretty standard for me after 30 weeks of pregnancy.

– Not really having a proper Christmas out do. I actually ended up being unwell when I was meant to be out but even so it wouldn’t have been the same without a vino and some mad dancing. Plus, I would have probably got to 11pm and fell asleep.

This Christmas has been lovely actually. It flew by in the blink of an eye and the whole family have had a great time. Little Piglet seems to have had fun and the gremlin has loved all her presents and spending time with her family.

Next year could be interesting with the three of them but hey! I hoping I’ll get at least one glass of wine.

We shall see!

The pros and cons of being pregnant at Christmas