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Top 5 Stationary Items I just Can’t Live Without

Top 5 Stationary Items I just Can’t Live Without
I love stationary. Even since I was a little kid. Does anyone remember Partners? It was one of my favourite things to do as a child when browsing in town. Go and look at stationary! I would browse the pencil cases, folders, pens and pencils and choosing my new stuff in the summer holidays was the highlight of my year!!
This blog is meant to have a scrapbooking aspect to it and when the gremlin was born and pre blogging I used to spend so much time browsing stationary stores, online shops and various groups, finding inspiration and picking my supplies. Sadly scrapbooking has had to take a back seat to the blog but I still love my browsing and my love of stationary is still great!
There are some items I just can’t live without and this is what they are –

– A diary or planner. I wrote a post recently about planners and reminisced about how I never used to have one! People at uni thought I was actually bonkers. How did I survive? With the blog now it’s vital. I’d never remember anything!!

– Pens. They are literally all over the house. If I’m not making a list or writing and ticking off jobs. I do have some nice ones but any old pen will do when the time comes. I used to get a lot from work as freebies but they have clamped down a little on how many they can give us.

– Lever arch folders. I did have the sad job of organising both my late grandparents and dad’s affairs and without a folder to put everything together, I would have lost my mind I tell you! I have some basic ones but also love Luxury Presentation Folders. Nice to treat yourself now and then.

– Notepads. I’m guilty of having quite a few of these but they are perfect to scribble down a list or plan and I absolutely love ticking off job, as makes me feel like I am actually achieving something.

– Scissors. Are these classed as stationary?? I think yes. I lose track over the amount of times we all use them. Wrapping presents, crafts, opening packets and parcels.

I’m always very tempted to buy more stationary when I’m browsing online and shopping and it’s so hard not to!! I’ve asked hubby for a planner for Christmas and I can’t wait to get organised for the upcoming 2019. My biggest issue is I forget birthdays, so am determined to sit with my Mum and get all the dates this year.
Are you a stationary nut?
Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.