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My Christmas House Wishlist

My Christmas House Wishlist

I love my house, I really do. I remember when I first looked at it when Hubby and I were generally looking at houses. We had trailed around a lot. I remember seeing it online but we dismissed it, as it didn’t have a separate dining room. One of my best mates happened to live next door and told me to go and have a look at it. We cheekily went and knocked on the door and I never looked back. Hubby went around that very night and I knew he felt the same.

We had to have it and thank goodness we got it!

However, time passes and you start to think about what you would like to improve. You start to have a wishlist and this is what I would love to do to our house if money and time were no object. Call it a Christmas list!

– Replace the tiles in the bathroom. My bro really inspired us with his new bathroom recently. We really liked his tiles and style and think in time, we would like to change the decor in ours too. We have a white sink and bath, so this may not need drastically changing but we would get rid of the cupboard and mirror and change the overall look and colour. It is definitely on the cards after the baby.

– Get the garage converted, we you all know, if you have read previous posts, that this is something we are thinking about having done. Hubby is going to use it for an office. We have to wait until May for this and I’m already speculating on what we may want to do with it; lighting and flooring. Nexus Flooring may be a brand we may consider. They produce beautiful wood flooring that could look stunning in our office and really go with the rustic decor hubby is planning. Lovely engineered oak could really work. We want it to be light and airy too and are planning large windows for lots of light.

– Extend the kitchen back. This is complete pipe dream, as hubby would never agree to changing the garden and losing space but a few of my friends have done this and made their kitchens into larger spaces, had an island and room for a little living space. It looks so cool and really makes the kitchen into somewhere to hang out. I know it would cost a bomb but it can’t hurt to dream a little eh?

– Have a play room. I’ve always wished we could have a playroom for the kids but it would mean extending out onto the front of the house. We decided against it due to money but if it was no object, I’d go for it. Be lovely for the kids to have some space and when they are older, a little den to watch television in!

Ah I love to dream and who knows? One day some of these maybe come a reality! You just never know.

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.