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Christmas Gifts with Truprint

Christmas Gifts with Truprint

My step-Dad loves any sort of gifts that have pictures of the girls on them. We have bought him so many different things in the past, ranging from canvasses, mugs, photo books and keyrings. What can I say? He is a bit of a softie when it comes to personalised gifts. So this Christmas I wanted to try and do the same but this time more of the “wow factor”. I knew, after working with Truprint in the past, they would have something that would do just this.

What Do Truprint Offer?

The answer to this question is just so much! So many ways to print out your best photos and cherish them. They have tonnes of ideas for personalised Christmas gifts including photo prints, canvases, calendars, mugs, cushions, blankets and cards. They even have new ideas like notebooks, towels and metal panels.

There is so much choice and inspiration when choosing gifts for your loved ones during this festive period.

What Did I Choose from Truprint?

After previously working with Truprint and receiving the most beautiful photo blanket, I knew I wanted to do something similar for my step-Dad for a gift.

I decided to order him a personalised fleece photo blanket. These start in price at £59.99 depending on size or if you go for fleece or soft plush.

Here are the product details direct from online:

  • Soft pile texture, machine washable, 100% polyester fleece
  • The front is completely customizable and the back is solid white
  • 1-inch (2.5cm) finished hem on all sides
  • Machine wash at 30 degrees, do not dry clean or iron
  • Use high resolution image(s) to ensure your images look clear and crisp

The last part about the resolution is really important, as I have had issues creating items in the past, as my pictures were just not good enough, so looked blurry. Make sure your images are at the highest resolution.

It is really easy to order the blanket. First you just choose the style you would like and there are so many layouts or even designs for baby, family, Christmas and even pets. It is easy to alter these and you can add elements too.

You can upload pictures directly from your computer or social media (but again check the resolution of these).

It is easy to add text, change the background, colours and fonts. Just have a play around and decide what looks best for you.

Our Blanket from Truprint

I wanted a special blanket for Grandad, so chose this lovely design with a baby blue background. The text says “Grandad’s favourites” and the girl’s names but I don’t share on the blog. I liked this design, as there were lots of spaces for different pictures.

It was very easy to put together, as described above. I uploaded images from my computer (high resolution) and they have come out well.

truprint fleece blanket

truprint fleece blanket

Thoughts on the Blanket from Truprint

As you can see my youngest was well into the blanket and I have had to try and explain it is not for her!

girl sat under truprint fleece blanket

I think the blanket is just lovely. It feels very soft and fleecy and the pictures have come out really well. They are clear and a good resolution. I know my step-Dad will love it, as it is an original, personal gift and he likes to snuggle up in the cold months.

I like the way you can wash the blanket, as this is something we have done with the other and it has washed really well, with no deterioration in the quality of the blanket.

I do feel it is a very pricey gift, as full price it is £59.99. However, there are often offers going with Truprint and when this was ordered, there was a Black Friday deal and it was half price, which is a lot more reasonable. Always worth looking around and waiting.

The blanket was very easy to design and order and came around the estimated delivery date, which was great.

Overall I would definitely check out Truprint for some personalised Christmas gifts this year. There is so much choice and loads of ways to use your creativity!

Disclosure – we were provided with these products in exchanges for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.