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28 Weeks Pregnant Bump Update – Hello Third Trimester

28 Weeks Pregnant Bump Update – Hello Third Trimester

Wow I can’t believe I’m writing this update. 28 weeks already! I can’t believe I’m moving into the final part but I’m kind of dreading it, as know it’s the hardest part; tiring and uncomfortable. Also it makes the childbirth part more real, as for now this is in the back of my head at all times!!

How Have I Been at 28 Weeks Pregnant?

Tired! But I know it’s because I’m busy all the time and this is my fault! Christmas is coming, we have plans and there is so much to do. It’s really hard to slow down. I went away with work and that really tired me out but quite simply, the more I sleep, the better I feel!! I have had some very grumpy days but these are usually linked with being tired. I’m still scooting and keeping active but I know I need to slow it down soon. I have also had a tummy bug which I have never had whilst being pregnant before. Luckily it wasn’t too bad but it was very strange feeling the baby wriggle soooo much, as obviously my bowels were going a bit mental. Not the most pleasant feeling when you are nauseous I tell you.

28 weeks pregnant


I’m definitely still not eating as much but do find my appetite is the biggest in the morning, so I’m more slightly to be grazing at work a lot. I’m trying to eat healthily and having fruit, nuts, yoghurts and small, plain, fruit scones. Meal wise I can still eat normally but wondering if the bump will get too big and I’ll start struggling! With Piglet I found I couldn’t eat as much as normal and got full a lot quicker.

food at 28 weeks pregnant


I’m aiming to get to the gym 3 times a week and still tend to do some cardio and weights. I can cope with this but it is getting a bit boring training alone!! So definitely more of an effort. I’m still scooting into work and walking into town and back to keep active. It’s important to me but I keep getting told to rest more! I’ve had to stop it whilst the grem and I have been ill and hubby has been away too, so I always lose some time.

My Mood

This can be very up and down and I do think is linked to tiredness and hunger! Hubby and I did have a rough week but managed to figure it out. I know I need to just walk away for a bit to avoid yelling at the girls and I’ve avoided that which is good. If I’ve had a bit of a yell, I usually sit the gremlin down and try and explain why I’ve been so mental!! Overall I feel ok but still feel in complete denial that there is another baby coming and I have to give birth!!! Sometimes I do feel very panicky about another baby, as the girls are completely all over me. I had a couple of days out with this bug and as soon as I was back in the picture, I had the pair of them climbing everywhere and not getting a lot of space. I worry about coping with another and giving them my time. Will just have to manage!! I know so many do.

My Body

The bump is growing (I think)! I went for my 28 week bloods and the phlebotomist didn’t believe I was 28 weeks pregnant! She said I was so small, so it’s very funny what your perception is vs other people’s. I feel big but perhaps I am not? I got hubby to take an underwear picture in a lovely set I was gifted and I felt very confident and blooming. I definitely think you need to embrace your shape, as it doesn’t last forever does it? I am starting to feel more uncomfortable at the top of my bump and I know this is only going to get worse! Eek!

Getting Organised

Errrr what does that mean? Not a lot has changed in the last couple of weeks really. We know we need to seriously start thinking about clothes and sorting what we have in the loft. Then we need to look for a car! OMG! Also there is still the thought of whether or not the girls would like to share a bunk bed? Lots to do after Christmas and during January I think.

I will be back around 32 weeks! I hope I have a little more to add about organisation at that point.

28 weeks pregnant bump update