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32 Weeks Pregnant – Bump Update!

32 Weeks Pregnant – Bump Update!

32 weeks pregnant; 8 weeks to go! How crazy is that? You can read my previous bump update here.

All is well. I had to go for a growth scan last week after a routine midwife appointment and as usual my bump growth has tailed off on the chart. This happened with both the girls and although I had the worries about the cord and growth issues, I wasn’t scared at all. And I needn’t have been. All was fine, he’s growing well and over 4lbs. Me thinks could be a little beast little his older sister!

But how I have been getting on overall?

How Am I Feeling – 32 Weeks Pregnant?

Tired and massive! Ha, pretty standard now. The tiredness only tends to hit me when I overdo it. I woke up on New Year’s Day feeling tired, cranky and quite sick, so knew needed a bit of a lazy day. We had been busy walking the day before and I’d been to the gym. I know I need to slow it down but very hard. The bump is definitely starting to get in the way now. Bending down is tough, getting my socks on is fun and getting up and down off the floor is a challenge! Other than that I have to wee 2-3 times a night (no fun) and have been sleeping in the spare room a little, as some nights feel so restless and I know keeping hubby up.


This is getting tougher. at 32 weeks pregnant, as if I eat too much I get Braxton Hicks. This was definitely a con over the Christmas period, as I was sooo tight after my Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve buffets. I only weighed myself for the first time in weeks and have gained 9kg which I think is pretty reasonable. I gained 10kg with the gremlin and at least 12kg with Piglet. I’m hoping, if I keep eating and being active it will only be the baby gaining the pounds, that will add to my weight. Food-wise I’m still enjoying most things but still craving the sweet stuff.


The gym is most definitely getting harder now, especially the weights as my bump is just getting in the way!! I’m struggling to lift over my head much so going to have to focus more on the cardio and the weight machines, with light free weights. I’m still scooting to work and managing fine. Also walking where I can. I do find if I do a lot of activity I’m more tired; sounds quite obvious really eh? I know I need to slow it down. Eventually!

32 weeks pregnant girl in the gym

My Mood

Pretty good actually. We had a lovely Christmas with the family and as we went to my Mum’s, was less work with cooking. I feel a lot more on an even keel and have only felt emotional if watching something on the television. Over the holidays I do feel I have had more patience with the girls which has been good and we have all had plenty of rest too. Let’s hope it continues!

My Body

I feel massive some days and other times, like when scooting to work, I forget the baby is in there! I’m not loving the fact I am less toned, as of course have gained weight on my legs and bum but I’m not daft enough to worry for long. I’m growing a life and hopefully I will be able to get back on my exercise afterwards as usual. I not loving the baby pressing on my bladder all the time and the constant wees and I have noticed my psoriasis popping up in random places like last time. Ah the joys! Overall though, my maternity clothes still fit and I’m not in any pain or anything which is always a plus!

Getting Organised

So we had car shopping this weekend and I’m off work on Thursday to go shopping for some baby clothes with my Mum. I think we will be ready but it’s just getting organised! We are having to empty some drawers on the landing for his clothes, as he won’t really have a room until the garage conversion! I’m hoping on my maternity leave, I will nest, get everything out and sort all the clothes…and my bag!!!

The joys of a third baby. Lazy and laid back!

See you at 36 weeks!

32 weeks pregnant