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Pregnancy My Third Vs. My First!

Pregnancy My Third Vs. My First!

Sometimes I write third pregnancy and think oh my goodness! How am I having a third? I swear sometimes it’s not sunk in (she says as she gently massages or pokes the little foot that is sticking out of her right side!)

It has been a bit of a whirlwind pregnancy. A single vessel cord, a growth scan and basically being very, very busy! When you have two other kids, this is inevitable.

When I think back to my first pregnancy the differences are crazy! There are some things I have carried on doing during my third that I didn’t expect to. I try and take a bump picture each week and I definitely read my weekly update emails from BabyCentre! I love to know how much he is growing and what he looks like. Carrot, melon?

But other aspects have just been so different between number 3 and number 1. I expected this but I didn’t realise would be so true! Here are some of the differences:

baby girl lying down

– Way less rest and chilling. Hubby admits he’s crap at offering me a rest unless I ask and when I do go upstairs I can often hear the chaos, so it doesn’t happen. I’m getting nagged at a lot to slow down but I want to keep active and do as much as I can until maternity leave.

– This poor baby has zero scrapbook pages done for him. The gremlin has about 5 albums. Oops, what will I say?

– The tiredness hits me like a tonne of bricks this time around during this third trimester. This wasn’t the case with the gremlin, as I don’t think I overdid it as much! I relaxed and didn’t feel had to keep the girls busy. Now I have a couple of busy days and get that horrible heavy eyed feeling and a bit of nausea too.

– I’m getting a little pelvic pain which is reckon is mild SPD. I vaguely remember with Piglet but I definitely didn’t have with the gremlin.

– I forget I’m pregnant all the time as just so busy!! No staring at my bump and having those quiet contemplative moments. Nope, those moments last 3 seconds before I hear the call of “Mummy!!!”

– This baby doesn’t even have a room yet and his clothes are basically in a drawer on the landing!! We are waiting a garage conversion and I guess will start making some plans. I am a lot more laid back and less organised.

– I missed an antenatal appointment for my anti D jab. I would have never done this with baby number 1.

– I’m huge!! Bye bye abs. I really feel I have got so much bigger even faster this time.

– It’s flown! Really flown this time. I remember feeling like I was pregnant forever with the gremlin and it was a very hot summer too, so was tough. This time I’m 36 weeks and I can’t even remember the nausea days.

Sometimes I wish I could relive my first pregnancy again but I’m not sure I’d want my first labour or those first few weeks again!! I feel a little more of an expert now.

If you are pregnant with your first now, cherish the quiet and the chilling. Cherish your bump photos and read all you can. Next time, if there is one, you’ll be hurling through it on the skin of your pants!!!

My third pregnancy vs my first