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Preparing for a Holiday as a Mum of 3 with Simply Beach | AD

Preparing for a Holiday as a Mum of 3 with Simply Beach | AD

#ad – this is a collaborative post with Simply Beach.

We didn’t know if we were going to go on holiday this year. With three babies, a new car and a planned garage conversion for the summer, it was a maybe. But I couldn’t imagine not going and nor could my parents! It’s like a tradition and my eldest in particular, adores it.

family on holiday in Crete - nana beach resort

So come June we are off to a resort in Croatia and I can’t wait. The girls will be 5 and going on 3 and the little guy will be 12 weeks. I’m hoping the girls will love playing together and as the little guy will only be breastfeeding, he won’t need weaning or eating! I may manage a cheeky cocktail or two this time.

For me though after just having a baby I feel there is a lot of holiday prep for myself!! When you’re pregnant you feel like a vessel; a host for your growing baby. I’ve been on holiday pregnant before and you can’t have any cocktails and your fashion is a tad limited!! It’s lovely but never the same.

This will be my first holiday so close to having a baby and there will some things I need to do prior to going:

– Start working on my post natal bod. I’m not too bothered about how long it takes but I’ll be definitely be hitting the gym as soon as I am safe to. This will probably be in another 4 weeksish. I love to train on holiday too, so will be packing all my kit.

– Eating well. My appetite is already through the roof with breastfeeding but I’m really focused on choosing healthy options. Smoothies, fruit, salads, nuts and yoghurts are my go to foods. This will help with getting me ready for my bikini.

– Choosing suitable swimwear. Now I’m breastfeeding, I will need new bikinis and I have been browsing all the amazing choice at Simply Beach. There is so much choice and you can choose from swimming costumes, bikinis, kaftans and beach dresses, all with a bit of luxury and style. Choosing a bikini is no mean feat either, as we all like something a little different to suit our shape and style. Simply Beach offers a large range of brands and styles such as padded or push up bikinis, or bralet. This is similar with bottoms where you can get tie, high waster hipster style. The site gives you inspiration for if you have a larger or smaller chest and there is customer service team to help with your queries on live chat, phone or email. You can also browse other beach accessories such as beach bags and sunglasses. Simply Beach caters for all your luxury holiday needs!

simply beach website

– Getting my beauty regime on! This may involve getting my nails done, both hands and feet and possibly an eyelash tint. I look much better when I look like I have mascara on – I actually have eyes.

– A holiday wardrobe. I love getting a few pieces for the evening and then I often wear the clothes through the summer in the U.K. I love maxi dresses and denim shorts! It’s always fun choosing some new sandals too.

– My hair! I love to go bright and vibrant when on holidays, as it fades so much in the sun and with the swimming. My hairdresser is awesome for this.

red headed girl

– Make sure I am sun safe. This means checking my hat is still adequate and getting a truck load of factor 50 suncream. I come back as white as I go but I hate burning.

As you can probably tell, I’m getting pretty excited about our upcoming holiday. I think I’ll be nervous taking our brood but I definitely want to be beach ready.

preparing for a holiday as a mum of 3



  1. March 8, 2019 / 12:13 pm

    Love this post! Considering the new arrivals in your life and the changes that brings. I hope your holiday is a blast you deserve it! Luke

    • RunJumpScrap
      March 8, 2019 / 1:37 pm

      Thanks so much 🙂