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Spring Activity Ideas for the Family

Spring Activity Ideas for the Family

Disclosure – This is a collaborative post.

Spring officially starts on the 20thMarch this year, but the weather is already warming up, so you’d be forgiven if you starting planning some spring activities with the family a little earlier.

Spring is a great time for the kids to experience new things, and even better is a lot of those things cost very little to do!

Here are a few, low-cost ideas to enjoy with the little ones as the weather starts getting sunnier.

Visit Some Botanical Gardens

Botanical gardens are a cheap (sometimes free) day out where the children get to experience a wonderful day of learning about nature. They’re always family-friendly, with lots of activities aimed at children available.

It’s also a fairly hassle-free trip, with no long walks and plenty of refreshments to hand.

Start a Gardening/Vegetable Patch

If you think you can do better than the botanical gardens, why not have a go yourself?

Teaching the kids to look after something and watch it grow is a real adventure for them and an old spring favourite. You can get some seeds and plant something indoors before moving it outside or devote a little patch of your garden to an area the kids can work on.

Visit the Local Farm

Spring, of course, is amazing time to see baby animals. A trip to the local farm is another inexpensive but unforgettable journey for the little ones.

Little chicks, piglets, calves and lambs will never stop being cute, plus you may be able to find a special lambing event in your area where you can see an animal being born.

Make a Bird Feeder

If you fancy bringing a bit of wildlife to your doorstep instead, making your own birdfeeder might is a fun idea.

You can make a pine cone feeder in less than 10 minutes, so the kids won’t get bored, and then it’s a case of waiting to see if you can make some new friends in the garden!

Go Cycling

If they don’t already know how to, springtime is a great time for kids to learn to ride their bike. Once you’re up and running there’s plenty of short paths and trails you can take on as a family.

Fun for the kids and a great way to get some fresh air and exercise.

Eat Outside at a Country Pub

There’s nothing better after a walk or cycle than sitting down and relaxing at a country pub and enjoying some good food. And as it’s spring, don’t be afraid to sit outside and breathe the world in!

A nice opportunity to try out the new spring wardrobe as well, Damart do a great range of fashionable trousers that will keep you comfy and looking good.

Fly a Kite

Time to channel your inner Mary Poppins and take the kids on a kite flying adventure.

You really don’t see it very often these days but flying a kite for the first time as a child is amazing, just make sure they’ve got a good grip on the kite and you’ve got a good grip on them!

These are just a handful of ideas to get busy with in spring, there’s loads more to try out! Whatever you go for in the end, you’re guaranteed some fun family days out that won’t cost the earth.

Visit a Garden Centre

You could go and plan and prep for your garden at somewhere like Fort Collins Nursery. Spring is a perfect time to get in the garden and enjoy it!

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.