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What Did We Consider When Buying Our House?

What Did We Consider When Buying Our House?

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I remember 3 years ago now we had moved into our new home. Piglet was on the way and the gremlin was only 2 and a half. Seems crazy to think now.

I remember house hunting being pretty stressful as there are so many things you have to consider when buying a house. My hubby always seemed way more on the ball about these sorts off things and was always educating me.

Here were some of things that were very important to us.

– The age of the house – we both knew there would be a lot of work to do to maintain an older house. You can see some of these things in the infographic below. I often find older houses do have so much character to them; they are bigger and have higher ceilings. I always find those aspects so attractive but have to consider the work that would be needed, choosing an energy supplier like Certas Energy, to ensure you are saving money and your house is energy efficient.

10 common problems ion old homes infographic

– The location. Is it near town? What are the local schools and what type of OFSTED results do they have? Would we want to send our children to these schools? We were lucky to find a school around the corner and we have a 10 minute walk into town. This is great for saving on parking and exercise!

– Aspect with regards to the sun. Hubby really wanted a south-facing garden for spending time outside in the summer and getting plenty of sunshine. We managed to find this and have enjoyed some lovely summers and BBQs so far. Not that this picture of my youngest would tell you that!

– Did the house have a conservatory? It was a plus for sure or if not would there be space to build one.

girls in summer garden

– Does the house need work? New windows, new boiler? Are the rooms old and tired? Would we need a new kitchen and bathroom? Luckily we just needed a lick of paint all around but will be considering a new bathroom in the future.

– The size of the house. Sometimes you see a well decorated house or lovely bathroom and fail to really see the size of it. We noticed this in a few houses we looked at and soon realised we would need more space than there was on offer.

– The neighbourhood. When you go and have a look around, do you get a good vibe? What is your gut feeling? I found this really important and it just so happened we had one of our good friends living next door!

Buying a new house is a massive decision and commitment. It is really important to consider so many aspects when choosing your new home and I hope this post has given you some insight into what we looked for.