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Back To School After Not the Best Easter

Back To School After Not the Best Easter

I wish I could always be writing about the fun and games on the blog. The rosey times and the best memories but life isn’t always like that and parenting certainly isn’t! 

The gremlin is back to school today and it really hasn’t been the best Easter break at all. Piglet was ill the week before she broke up and had an entire week out of nursery. This has meant we have been out of routine for three weeks now in some form or other. The bug Piglet had (sickness, diarrhoea or generally feeling like shit for a few days) swept through us all. Thankfully the little guy was only sick once and fine in himself but we think passed his germ love to me and then his oldest Sister, right in time for her Easter egg hunt!! She managed it but barely ate any chocolate or anything for that matter for a few days. 

I was taken out for the majority of the first week and apart from a lovely day with friends, we didn’t manage a lot. The Easter weekend was lovely with family but dampened due to my poor gremlin just not being herself and I felt really sorry for her, as she loves Easter! She hasn’t been right for a lot of the second week too; tired, apathetic and not that motivated to do a lot which has both infuriated and saddened me in equal measures. We managed a trip into Birmingham, lunch out, saw friends and a soft play visit but I wish she had been herself. 

I know she’s found it tough with the little guy too. It’s the first school holiday she hasn’t had me to herself on the days her sister has been at nursery and she has mentioned this. The little guy has his good and bad days and on the bad days, he is either feeding a lot or just wanting to sleep. Big days out and cinema trips are tricky and I’ve missed that one on one time with her. 

You feel cheated when the timing of illness hits something you look forward to. It can’t be helped. Germs spread and little Piglet is at nursery, where they are rife! 

It’s made me think a lot. The little guy will take bottles now and then and I think setting aside some one on one time for me and the gremlin and me and Piglet is vital; I can leave the little dude with his dad for a little while and enjoy them. We all need it and I think the girls need one on one time with both me and their Dad.

I know these times come and go; they can’t be helped and things get better. I really hoped a sickness bug wouldn’t hit us so soon after the little guy was born but what will be, will be!

I’m hoping half-term is a little better and we have our summer holiday in Croatia to look forward to. Praying for no germs!!


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  1. April 29, 2019 / 4:21 pm

    Oh no! It’s rotten when a bug goes through the whole family. It is so good that your little guy wasn’t too poorly.
    That sounds a great plan having time with just you and the girls. It’s not long until half term. I hope that is better for you x