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Things I Want to Do In Our House

Things I Want to Do In Our House

AD – I’ve been writing about my house quite a bit recently. We have been here three years now. I’ve written about some of my favourite memories in the house, the joys of moving house with kids and the plans for our garage conversion.

When we moved into the house I didn’t think there was a lot I wanted to do on it. It was in good condition. The house had a good central heating system and we didn’t have to worry about central heating quotes or a central heating installation cost. We weren’t needing to look at new oil boilers either as ours was in good nick.

But in time you do start to have a bit more ambition. Have some new ideas or just feel your house needs a refresh! 

These are some of my future plans –

– A new bathroom. There isn’t anything wrong with the one we have. I just feel like it needs to be modernised. New tiles and some different colour to it. I used to like the Mediterranean feel to our old bathroom and keen to get some of that back.

baby boy in a baby bath

– Re decorate our bedroom. I feel we were quite hasty when we moved in and although I like the blue colour, I would like a feature wall and to change the curtains. They are pretty plain and I’ve gone off them! This idea should be straight forward to do at least. It’s just getting my hubby to agree as he likes the painting on the wall behind our bed!

Santorini picture on the wall of a bedroom

– Once the garage is completed, change the current spare room into a room for the little guy/playroom until he needs a room for himself. This will be fab for the girls and move some of the toys from downstairs. 

– Replace the decking. This is a job for hubby but he’s thinking of paving it or fully replacing, as the wood can be hard to maintain, or so he says! 

– I’d love a new kitchen one day. This may be a long way off but an island is my dream, as well as some new kitchen units!

I wonder if I’m being a little over ambitious with the crazy three kids we have and the lack of time BUT I’m sure if I’m patient we will be able to get some my ideas made into reality!

Will keep you posted.