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5 Reasons Why You Should Go on a Babymoon

couple on a babymoon

AD- Having a baby is life changing. There is no beating about the bush. I’m not saying you lose all your freedom and couple time but it does go out of the window for a while whilst you find your feet. Before we had my eldest child hubby and knew we wanted to go away for a Babymoon; a holiday before our first little girl arrived and we did. We went to the Dominican Republic for a week and it was one of the best holidays we have ever had.

It is often hard to know where to go on a Babymoon. Long haul or short? How long for? Will it be too hot? What about the food. Check out this guide from Love Holidays Babymoon Finder and this will give you some inspiration and advice.

A Babymoon can really make your pregnancy that extra bit special and so worth trying to sneak one in.

Why Go on a Babymoon?

– You are so relaxed. It’s a holiday before the chaos starts. As you are pregnant it is very difficult to do a lot. I couldn’t go on many trips or do many activities and therefore you do just relax and rest. I read books, went for walks and ate a lot of lovely food.

girl enjoying food on baby moon

– It is quality time with your other half and this may become far between in the early days of having a new baby. Make the most of romantic dinners, long walks and being able to sunbathe and chat uninterrupted, as wow holidaying with kids is a total different ball game.

pregnant girl on the beach

– No hangovers. Pregnancy should mean no alcohol and this means no late boozy nights and therefore no hangovers and feeling unwell. I slept really well on my Babymoon and woke up refreshed and we often went to see the sunrise due to the time difference.

– You may not feel confident going abroad with your new baby. We always have gone abroad since our kids but I know many people who haven’t, due to feeling nervous. Make the most of going prior to the baby coming.

– Money may be tighter after a baby comes. This depends on who goes back to work and if at all. Less money may mean less chances to get away, so it’s always best to get a break in before a newborn appears.

Our Babymoon was such a lovely break. I did feel sad I couldn’t be as active as I normally am but I loved the time with my other half. I loved watching my little girl dance in my tummy, as I chilled on the beach, whilst having a sneaky doze.

Those memories I will always treasure, so if you are pregnant and thinking of a Babymoon – book it!

5 reasons why you should have a baby moon