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BABY Born City Remote Control Scooter- REVIEW

Girl with BABY born Scooter and sister doll

AD – What happens if you take a doll and a remote control scooter for said doll to ride on? Sounds pretty cool? This is exactly what the Baby Born City Remote Control Scooter does. I really liked the idea of the girls having some remote controlled, as I hoped they could get their skills up! I knew the gremlin would putting her dolls on it and driving it around.

We have recently reviewed BABY Born Surprise dolls, so were keen to get stuck into another product.

More about the BABY Born Scooter

My lucky girls were not only sent a BABY Born Scooter but a BABY Born Sister Doll and one of the City Outfits.

Baby Born City Remote Control Scooter in the box

City outfit

Girl with Baby Born Sister Doll

The Scooter is the focus of this review. This RRPs at £29.99 and is suitable for kids aged 3 years and over, so my little Piglet was always supervised.

You can get from The Entertainer and Smyth’s Toys.

Your BABY born is able to travel in all directions with the multi-directional controller. BABY born can sit comfortably on the Scooter seat and has easy grip handlebars to hold on to. What I loved is the indicators when your doll goes left or right. The City Scooter also features a stabiliser to keep the Scooter upright. Also includes two sticker sheets to decorate BABY born’s scooter and it’s suitable for dolls up to 43cm. Bear in mind the doll isn’t included.

BABY Born remote controlled scooter

This product also needs 4 x AA and 2 x AAA batteries which are also not included.

What Did we Think?

The gremlin was mega excited to get her BABY Born Sister doll out and dress her up in the City Outfit. She is a pain for taking out doll’s hair, as the doll does come with her hair tied up initially.

As I mentioned you do need batteries, so with a bit of help from a screwdriver we got those into the product and was ready to go.

The doll very easily sits on the Scooter and her hands grip the handles. She stays there too, as it can be really frustrating if the doll falls off!

BABY Born sister doll on remote controlled scooter

Controlling the scooter is quite easy too. You can either go forwards and backwards or left or right. You do need to press both the left button and forwards to turn left. I liked how the scooter had indicators that flashed, depending on which direction you were going in.

remote control for the scooter

My gremlin had good fun driving her Sister doll around. It was much easier to use on a hard floor, as she tried on the carpet. Also, it will be perfect for the warmer weather and playing out in the garden.

Overall I thought it was a good product. The gremlin enjoyed driving it around and it will be fab in the summer on our driveway.

I liked that it was quite easy to steer and control, as it can be quite hard for a child not being able to do something. This wasn’t the case. The doll stays on and doesn’t fall down and it would be a perfect toy for imaginative games and fun with others. The scooter is sturdy and stylish and has quite the wow factor.

The age of 3 and over is appropriate as much 2 year old struggled a little to master the controls.

Price-wise it is reasonable for the toy alone but you do need either a BABY Born doll or one of the right size and that has bendy knees! Also you need batteries, so if giving as a gift, remember this.

Overall the toy went down well and a great accessory for a child’d doll this summer!

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Disclosure – we received this BABY Born City Remote Control Scooter in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinion are our own.



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    May 7, 2019 / 3:21 pm

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    May 29, 2019 / 8:47 pm

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