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BABY Born Surprise – *REVIEW*

BABY Born Surprise – *REVIEW*

AD – I think the gremlin now describes herself as my official toy tester! Well this is what we like to call her. She loves testing out anything new and although now we are not keeping everything, she loves getting involved. I knew she would be so excited to try out the new product from Zapf Creations – BABY Born Surprise!

She adores anything that she has to open and collect. Blind bags, you name it, she loves them. I think most 5 year olds do. It’s the surprise and anticipation and she loves to collect things.

The thing is as well now, she has a younger sister who is also pretty desperate to get involved, even if she loses interest quick. I was hoping we could test the product without a monster sibling fight!

More About BABY Born Surprise

Each BABY Born Surprise comes lovingly wrapped in a real fabric blanket. Each baby character is then bundled up in a cute snuggly swaddle in surprise designs from an ice cream cone to a unicorn. These are really cute too.

dark haired girl holding two BABY Born Surprises

You have to use water to wake the baby up and reveal their eye colour (which I know my eldest will love doing!), unwrap the swaddle to uncover a unique hairstyle, and find the baby’s bottle to see whether they are a boy or girl.

Feeding them water will see them pee to reveal a colour-change nappy pattern. You also get included a birth certificate with fun surprise games to play as they reveal each surprise to help find each character’s name, birthday, star sign and favourite food. I knew my gremlin would love all the surprises – it is the most exciting bit isn’t it?

There are 12 characters to collect and we were reviewing Season 1.

BABY Born Surprise retails at £11.99 and available in Asda, Smyths Toys and Argos to name a few.

Opening the Product

As usual my grem was mega excited to get going with her BABY Born Surprise. So was I actually. They are really fun to do together. As predicted little Piglet was also keen to get involved and as we were sent two, she could! The grem was much better posing for pictures though thankfully.

Girl holding a BABY Born Surprise

The girls sat down and opened their BABY Born Surprises together to reveal the careful wrapped dolls in a fabric blanket.

BABY Born Surprise in the fabric blanket

These were then opened to reveal the swaddle. Typically the gremlin wanted the one her sister had, which was a unicorn. She had a butterfly.

Opening the blanket from a BABY Born Surprise

two swaddled babys

You can then use this to see your baby’s star sign by looking at the included sheet. You can also choose your baby a favourite number for fun and see their star sign, depending on the day you revealed your baby.

The next rather exciting bit was revealing your baby’s eye colour. We used a baby wipe to gently rub the eyes and the colour is revealed!

revealing the eye colour of a BABY Born Surprise

BABY doll in nappy

Using the eye colour, hair colour and skin colour and the included sheet, you can find out the first letter of your baby’s name. All very exciting!

There is an included blind bag to open and inside is a bottle, which you can fill with water. The colour of this tells you whether or not you have had a baby girl or boy.

Both girls had girls!! They were really chuffed

The final fun thing to do with your BABY Born is feed it water which it wees out and the nappy will change colour. You can match the design on the sheet to reveal your baby’s favourite food.

We did the grem’s and her baby had hearts all over her nappy, meaning her favourite food was strawberries.

colour change nappy BABY Born Surprise

What Did We Think of the BABY Born Surprise?

My grem who is 5 was definitely the most enamoured with BABY Born Surprise. Her younger sister is only 2 and half and tends to come back to toys, so we will see.

My eldest loved all aspects of this toy. Like a lot of things on the market, it is the surprise aspect that is really enjoyed. BABY Born Surprise has so many things to reveal and fun things to do with the included sheet. My eldest loved wiping the eyes clean to find the eye colour and she is fascinated with colour change toys and anything messy, that involves water!

collectors sheet

I would definitely bear in mind water can go everywhere, so hubby and my eldest did this bit in the bathroom. The baby wipe was covered in yellow after the eye reveal too, so just watch where you open the doll.

Since the reveal my eldest has played with a lot. She loves the size of the dolls, as they have that cute factor. You can still use the swaddle, blanket and bottle, so perfect for any imaginary games.

Price-wise the doll is competitive with other brands and it is a good size in comparison with some cute accessories. I think it’s reasonable.

Disclosure – we were provided with this BABY born Surprise! in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinion are our own.