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Little Tikes Big Car Carrier – REVIEW

Little Tikes Big Car Carrier – REVIEW

AD – I have never really given little Piglet the chance to play with cars. The gremlin had some bought for her but she was  never really interested at all! Just went straight for her dolls and imaginary games. I was curious to see if Piglet would be these so when we were offered this Little Tikes Big Car Carrier I said yes, to see if she would want to have a play! I guess she has been influenced by her sister a lot and the toys already present!!

Little Tikes are also celebrating their 50th birthday so another good reason to review one of their products!

More About the Little Tikes Big Car Carrier

The Little Tikes Big Car Carrier retails at £34.99 and is aimed at children aged 18months to 5 plus years. Piglet is 2.5 years old and the gremlin is 5.

These are the features are specified online:

  • Little Tikes Classic
  • Large Car hauler with 2 sports cars included
  • Truck decouples from hauler
  • Ramp flips down to load the sport cars inside
  • One Sport Car can fit on top
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Our Thoughts!

I’d actually kept this hidden after it arrived as was going to surprise the girls when they were getting a bit bored. I had planned to explain to the gremlin that this toy was for Piglet mainly and she would need to remember this!!

They loved it!

It was easy to get out of the box and doesn’t need any batteries or assembly which I loved! Easy life eh? The girls loved it too, as no faffing around and they could get playing immediately!

They both had their own car and what I liked was the gremlin went to get one of small dolls so she could drive it around; love her imaginative games and Piglet of course, copied her immediately.

girl playing with the little tikes big car carrier

You can fit both cars in the carrier, which is easy to push around and steer. You can also out one of the sports cars on the top.

yellow car from the little tikes big car carrier

You can see below, the carrier turns quite easily to drive left and right.

the ittle tikes big car carrier

2 year old playing with the little tikes big car carrier

You can uncouple the truck from the hauler but the girls were too interested in transporting their chosen cars around. I loved their games and they played well together.

Piglet was definitely the most enamoured and has played with this since on numerous occasions. It may suit more of her age or she just enjoys a different kind of toy!

I found it quite a sturdy product that would take a lot of play from kids. I think for children who love cars and BIG toys, they will love it!! As you can see from the photos it is a good size and the cars are quite big too. The chunkiness is good for younger children, as easier to pick up and grab the cars. It was also easy to push.

Price-wise it is over £30 but it is a good sized product, of good quality and I like the old fashioned nature of it. Nothing complicated but two cars and a carrier; just perfect to pretend to be a driver!

I wasn’t sure what my girls, especially Piglet would make of this toy but they both loved it. It fuelled their imaginative play and they played well together for a while too.

If you have a child who loves cars it would a great gift for them.

Disclosure – we were provided with the Little Tikes Big Car Carrier in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.