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5 of the Best Memories in Our House


AD – I’ve been writing a few posts recently about our house, as it had been three years since we have moved in! I wrote about some of the joys of packing with children and today I thought I would share some of my favourite memories of being in our house.

I was sad to leave hubby and my first house, as it has so many lovely memories. Coming back from honeymoon to that house, bringing the gremlin home from hospital after she was born and spending my first maternity leave at home with her. I loved the old area, as the gym was local, shops, the doctors and there was such a lovely park nearby and places to walk. I do miss it.

Saying that I have some lovely memories from the three years we have lived in the new place and here are my favourites:

– Bringing my other two children home! Of course it has to be that. The hospital is literally a 10 minute walk away (of course I was driven!) but it was lovely to come back here and rest after the births.

baby boy

– Throwing parties for the gremlin. She had her third and fourth parties here and we hired bouncy castles for the garden and invited all her little friends over. It was hard work but I remember she had such a good time both times and the weather really held up!

mum and daughter in front of a bouncy castle

– Hubby converting the pebbly garden to grass! This was a massive task and I thought we would need some gardeners or even some landscape gardeners to scope it out and do a good job. But it turned out I didn’t need to look up any gardening companies as hubby did it himself with some help from me! I still remember helping dig up all the pebbles and hubby carting them through to a skip using a wheelbarrow. It took ages.

– Christmas Days. Since the gremlin was around 2 we have started having Christmas at home at first and it has been lovely. I get so excited sorting the presents out for the girls, decorating the house and having Christmas morning at home. They are the best times.

girl having Christmas lunch

– Summer BBQs. Our house is fab in the summer with French windows opening into the garden so we can sit out. As we have a south facing garden we get a lot of sun and it is brilliant to sit and chill in all day and have an evening BBQ. I like a glass of wine in the evening too.

We have a garage conversion happening very soon and I am hoping to make some more positive changes to the house afterwards.  I’ll be writing my wish-list very soon!

I’m hoping to have many more happy memories in this house, as the years pass.