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Preparing For Our Garage Conversion

AD – We had a knock on the door a couple of weeks ago from our builder. Hubby had been trying to contact him for 2 weeks but turned out he had been on holiday! We had been told months ago, our garage conversion to office would be starting early May.  To be honest both of us didn’t believe this! We were convinced it would be delayed until after our holiday.  Turns out we were wrong!!! He was all ready to start early May.

Cue panic as we realised we didn’t have many weekends until then. Cue even more panic as a tummy bug knocked half of the family out and we lost two weekends anyway!

We knew we had a lot to do and a few final decisions to make and jobs to do:

– The garage needed clearing out massively. This meant a combination of putting things in the shed and loft and clearing out bits to the tip or some free-to-collector groups on social media. Luckily my Mum and step-Dad had the girls for 2 days over Easter so hubby could start this (I was still bug recovering!!)

– We were still considering our new windows choice. Although it would be lovely to have bay windows or even French Windows to open in the summer, it probably wouldn’t work for the position of the garage and the sunlight. We are still looking into roof windows, to let a lot of light in for hubby to work.

– Deciding what will happen with our new spare room (with no husband in it) and who is going to sleep where. I am considering putting the girls in together and giving the spare room to the little guy; making it into a play room too, until he is older. Piglet’s smaller box room will then become the spare room. Decisions though! Will the girls go mental together?

– Furniture! Do we keep my hubby’s old desk when clearing out or do we look to something a little new and different? I like to treat ourselves now and then and upgrade but hubby definitely holds onto things. I’ll be looking on Pinterest for some office decor ideas, as I will be getting some space in there too. Exciting.

– Colour schemes! My Mum reckons we are boring as planning a white or off white room but I reckon it will be best due to the light and position of our new office. We can always look for some wall art, to brighten it up.

I’m expecting total chaos as we start very soon but will keep you posted. I’m looking forward to booting my messy hubby into his own office and having a little more space upstairs for the kids and all their stuff.

Let’s see how it goes!!